Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N Specs and Price

Alcatel is back this year with its all new Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N. It is a budget friendly and entry level android smartphone that was previously known as Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N. The One Touch Glory 918N is a dual SIM handset that runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, sports a 3 megapixel camera and is powered by a 650Mhz processor. The Glory 918N has an SRP of only Php 5,699.


According to it’s press release:

One of these two phones is the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N, first known as the Blaze Glory 918N. With this phone, mobile users can have almost all the features that they want in one dual sim android phone. “Now owning a high-quality Android Smartphone does not have to be expensive anymore with ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N.” – Darren Sy, distributor of ALCATEL ONE TOUCH phones in the Philippines.

According to Chris Tiu, official brand ambassador for Alcatel One Touch:

“ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N is perfect for me. It suits all my need. I’m a very mobile person and I’m usually traveling. I love checking my mails while on the road. I’m also a twitter person and I always update my twitter status. It has a camera so you just take picture wherever you are and just post it. It has dual sim standby, runs on an android operating system so you can download a lot of apps and games—just everything I need. Now consumers can have all these features in an Android Smartphone for a very good value of Php5699.”

“My favorite part is the predictive text. I have big fingers that I miss the letters on the screen. The TouchPal Curve allows me to choose the right words.”

Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N Specifications

Dimensions: 112 x 58.6 x 12mm
Weight: 123g
Colors: Black and Pearl White
Display: 3.2 inch HVGA 320×480, TFT 262K colors LCD capacitive touch
Camera: 3 Megapixel
Operating System: Android OS v2.3 Gingerbread
Processor: 650MHz processor MTK 6573 chipset
Memory: 256 RAM
Storage: 150MB internal memory
Expansion: microSD up to 32GB
USB: microUSB v2.0
Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11, Hotspot, Bluetooth 3.0 w/ A2DP
HSPA: HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps
Sensors: Proximity sensor, E-compass, G-sensor
Battery: lithium 1300mAh

Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N Price

Like I said earlier, the Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N price is Php 5,699. But the actual price in your local stores or dealers might be slightly higher or lower.

Aside from the AlcatelGlory 918N, you might also want to look at the other cheap and budget friendly android smartphones such as: Samsung Galaxy Y and LG Optimus L3



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  1. i’m having problem with my phone.. i import my sim card’s contacts to my phone but it didn’t appear to my contacts so i did it about 7 times and still it don’t appear.. then when i was writing a text message all of my contact has 7 copies but when i open my phone contact on the home screen it still has no copy.. HELP ME TO DELETE MY PHONE CONTACTS… PLS!! 🙂

    1. shabeer Avatar

      pls go to settings them sim managment u ll find a solution

    2. jayson Avatar

      what to apps to download?, i want download videos in my phone using wifi.. i can’t download videos… pls help..

      1. What kind of videos and from what site do you intend to download?

  2. Cireretiv Avatar

    how can we off the shutter sound in the cam coz it can distract otherswhen taking a pics pls help

    1. you can’t, but there’s a way by installing an application to turn off the shutter of the camera… i just forgot the name off that application.

    2. put it in silent mode shutter will also shut off

      1. it’s still not working

    3. Ray Andrew Avatar
      Ray Andrew

      Just download SILENT CAMERA app on Google Play Store, use that when you have to use your camera on silent mode. Hope this helps.

  3. How to turn off the shutter? reply asap!

    1. theres no way on turning off the camera sounds.. all u have to do is to download a SILENT CAMERA on market..

  4. shutter sound is really annoying

  5. Johnjuwyn Avatar

    my battery runs out quickly

    1. Thats my problem too.. but try to download Battery Saver it really can help

    2. my battery runs out quickly!!! and when u take picture so dim…

      1. You can’t expect too much from an entry level smartphone. If your budget allows it, try something in the mid level smartphones

  6. Doc Lyn Avatar

    cannot connect to camera… what to do?

    1. Ray Andrew Avatar
      Ray Andrew

      Just restart your Alcatel Glory phone and wait for 10 to 15 minutes before using the phone. Usually works this way.

  7. phone is quite good except for being very limited by its built-in memory (150mb internal, and 256 ram only). can’t install a bunch of apps due to this limitation.

    1. i have this problem to. its too annoying that your phone is too slow and can’t dl a lot of apps. this is my question if i change my sd to 16 or 32 gb is their a possibility that this phone can run fast?

      1. Hi Paul.
        No, storage does not add to the “fastness” of your phone. Same goes with Samsung Galaxy Y. I guess this is a common problem with entry level smartphones.
        Better go for mid level phones if you can stretch your budget a little bit. Have you tried Alcatel One Touch 995 Sapphire HD?

  8. patrick retiv Avatar
    patrick retiv

    i have a problem on how make a name to the picture i just capture and how to minimize or shut off the cam shutter. pls help meeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Hi..i love this phone/my alcatel glory phone,my only concern is that,how can i transfer all my downloaded my external memory?so that my internal memory won’t be full?

  10. Same problem here. I love the phone but gets frustrated because of its limited internal memory. Just now got notified on some program updates… after doing the updating, got an error code saying “… update error due to limited memory”. Is there any solution for this? would be glad to hear if someone says the memory chip can be upgraded. if this can be the case, how? thanks in advance.

    1. same problem the internal memory upgradeable?if yes,how?so that i can download more apps..thanks

    2. If you have wifi, go to Play Store and download “App 2 SD Free”. Then you can add some apps all your SD can! ^_^

      1. Not all apps can be transferred to SD.

      2. ewankosauq Avatar


  11. battery only last for a day. how and where can i download the silent for shutter. its embarrassing taking pictures with that loud sound. :((

    1. try the android market, now google play

      1. if necessary, set your phone into silent mode when taking pictures..

  12. is it a quad band or a tri band?

    1. QUAD Band..

      1. I have a question…What is the difference of a QUAD BAND and a TRI BAND?

        1. tri band is the older type of GSM network frequency. You can’t use tri band on some regions that does not support those frequencies. However Quad band supports all. That’s why people who are traveling abroad usually gets a quad band phone.
          Quad Band -> GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
          Tri Band -> GSM 900/1800/1900
          Some countries/region only use the 850MHz frequency which a Tri Band phone does not support.

  13. i cant connect with the wifi. i was using it beside the router but still cannot connect. error message was: disconnected. secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK. pls help. im starting to hate this unit!

    1. That’s because you are trying to connect to a secured WiFi connection. -> WPA/WPA2 PSK
      You need a password to connect to that network.
      Is the WiFi you are trying to connect in your house or outside?
      If you can’t still connect even if you have entered the password for the network or if you can’t even connect to an open network, probably there is something wrong with your phone.

      1. what phone are you point to? is it phone unit or is it Phone DSL wifi?

        1. coz this is my problem to.. i check out at pldt n type the default gateway n found at that my password that I’d typed was correctly through my mobile and when i try to connect to my phone thru wifi router couldn’t complete(it said::’ authenticating, saved/secure wpa/wpa2 psk, connecting, authenticating, and it turn off itself wifi and on again and connecting)..

          how can i fix that,? would you mind help me this trouble?
          my unit is Alcatel glory 2 one touch (android)

          1. I’m referring to your router. That one that is sharing the WiFi connectivity

  14. JANINE LUNA Avatar

    are the new casings available now in the market?

    1. I’m not really sure. Are you from Dagupan? Have you tried online gadget stores based in Ph?

  15. i dropped my phone. Are these phones durable enough to withstand dropping?

    1. Not really sure. Even high end phones will break if you drop them

      1. Exactly.. nonsense question

  16. the phone is cool..this is the first night ill be charging it..goodluck to me..hope that i wont encounter problems regarding its battery..:)

    1. that’s great. comeback and leave your comments about your experience with the phone

  17. How can I delete downloaded games? pls help me.

    1. Is your one touch glory running on android 3.2 ggingerbread?
      Go to settings -> applications -> manage applications then choose the game you want to uninstall and hit uninstall.
      hope this helps

  18. The phone is great,my only problem is that i can’t download more apps.bcoz of small internal memory the internal memory expandable???thanks.. :))

    1. the android sdk can be used to change the install location of apps(not all but most of them).

  19. i’m a 918n user, you can turn off shutter sound by rooting ur phone and using root explorer. this is the step on how to root- download unlockroot and download drivers of 918n in alcatel website. after rooting the phone install root explorer, then open root exp. open these folders system-media-ui, in ui folder locate camera_click.mp3, just rename or delete but just rename that. to edit it just press r/w.

    1. Ray Andrew Avatar
      Ray Andrew

      Is this tried and tested?

  20. i registered to globe’s unlisurf. my mobile netowrk setting is set to APN i still cant connect. you have any info how i can? tried numerous time but still cant. please help. is it because my phone is locked to SUN? this phone is dual SIM

    1. Can you use globe’s network? Even if it’s dual sim are you sure you can use other network’s sim on your phone?
      Dual sim phones can be a little bit tricky since you are using two different networks. The setting of SUN will definitely not work on Globe

  21. you can call at the globe service center.. para mapadalan ka ng settings para gumana ang glole sim mo sa internet..

  22. richard Avatar

    is this android phone prone to any viruses?tnx!!!

    1. I think all android phones even samsung galaxy s iii or the iPhone are prone to viruses. It’s up to the user how will he take care his phone and how will be protect it.

      1. how can i protect my phone? i’m a 918N user. i know there are free antivirus softwares for android. are those enough to protect my fone? thanks

        1. There are lots of ways to protect your phone. What protection are you looking for? From virus? malware? anti theft? third party access?

  23. Hello 🙂
    how can I download more apps? it says error downloading and insufficient space on the device? but below it says that the storage allows an application to write to the sd card? thank you. I can’t download apps

    1. Alcatel 918N is pretty much limited, like the Galaxy Y. I think you need to use Link2SD. I haven’t finished my draft yet for that. Is your 918N already rooted?

  24. santiago Avatar

    how can i rooted my alcatel glory 918n?
    can you give me an step by step procedure?

    1. Hi santiago. I’m working on the article now. Please come back again later. ^_^

  25. fernando Avatar

    ano gagawin ko pano ko mabubura ung mga no sa phone book. ko ? help me naman poh..!!!!!!!

  26. How can I add a playlist?

    I pressed the menu key while im in the playlist tab but the only choices are party shuffle and sound effects.

    1. You can use external app like winamp if default player doesn’t have playlist.

  27. verna nacionales Avatar
    verna nacionales

    is this dual sim ?

  28. Is there really no vibration if I receive Messages? I can’t find the setting for it. Does your unit vibrate if you receive messages?

  29. sanjay sharma Avatar
    sanjay sharma

    how can download a youtube video pls…..

    1. how to download youtube videos using the glory 918n right? I haven’t tried it yet. I download videos using my PC because it’s a lot faster.

    2. Its very easy..
      Actually i use this app. Almost 1year try this Tubemate app u can find it in google

  30. Why I cant connect to Camera?

    1. Same problem here,, hoping someone could help… I think it started when i uninstall an app. you think if i re install the app i could connect again to the camera again,,,, Thanks,

  31. hi, i heard that alcatel onetouch can be used as a wifi hotspot by inserting a broadband sim. is this true?
    has anyone tried it? just want to know if a gadget like ipad or iphone can access it without any problems.. i’ll definitely buy one!

    1. are you talking about the 918N model? or another alcatel model?

    2. Ray Andrew Avatar
      Ray Andrew

      Yes, Sun representative told me this as a bonus feature. I just didn’t have my broadband sim with me so we weren’t able to test it.

    3. tethering & portable hotspot…. at wireless and network settings

  32. collette Avatar

    I want to change my cp…and my sister told me to choose alcatel glory. can some of you give me an idea about what is that phone. and that if it is really worth it to buy..Is this phone can help me alot? tnx

  33. Hi. I found that the message thread in my inbox does not appear chronologically. It appears by group depending on who send the message? The reply of my textmate appears before my text to her. Can you help me? Thank you.

    1. Hi ivana
      Did it happened recently or from the time you got your phone? Did you try to check the settings of your messages?

      1. same as i

  34. How to screenshot?

    1. have you tried pressing the home button and power button at the same time?

      1. I tried pressing them at the same time, but nothin happen. Need help here

        1. It’s a little bit tricky and needs timing. But if nothing really happens after a lot of tries, perhaps your phone doesn’t support that command.
          Try downloading an app instead.

  35. How can turn off the keypad sounds?

  36. maganda nga sya lalo na kung internet addict ka…

  37. pano mag downlaod d2 sa alcatel glory.. gamit ko ung market

  38. ano po call barring password?

  39. I cannot able to connect to google play…what t do?

    1. how come?
      are you using mobile data or wifi?
      Please try to reinstall your google play app and make sure you have a google account connected to it

  40. hi,

    nice site you got here. i was wondering what kind of media player would be suited for this alcatel model? videos i downloaded from youtube won’t play in my phone.


    1. thanks for dropping by.
      Are the videos in FLV format or MP4? You should try converting it to mp4 first so that you can play it on your phone. I just use the default player on my android phone.
      If you don’t have a converer, try Format Factory, it’s a free all in one converter.

    2. you cannot play .flv files because alcatel 918n is not compatible with flash players unless you convert it to mp4 or 3gp

  41. Where i can find android sdk?

    1. Android SDK? What for? from Android developer

  42. Maricris Tovillo Avatar
    Maricris Tovillo


  43. hey guyz can anybody help me find a housing of this unit because I’ve been searching all around manila but i cannot find one.. i really wanna change its housing since it is so scratchy and got deformed,,,pls pls pls help me,…

  44. How I can i set privacy on my file or on a specific folder like samsung. . ?

  45. merianne Avatar

    hello, i cannot upload 2 or mor dan 2 app coz it has a very low ntrnal memory, 22 mb left den after 3 hrs 12 mb left, when i dd not install aps, whtas is its prob?

    1. Your internal memory is decreasing even if you did not install any apps? That won’t happen by itself. You might have installed or setup something that caused this. Are you recording or downloading something in the background? Please check, otherwise I suggest you do a factory reset (meaning ALL DATA will be WIPE OUT/DELETED). Perhaps this could fix your problem if you haven’t change any settings.

  46. download cleaner or you can root your phone, or you can transfer you apps into your sd card by downloading link2sd.

  47. Fionna Morados Avatar
    Fionna Morados

    I really love this phone . but the problem is , i cant play videos that i download . what am i gonna do ? please help me :))))

    1. where did you download the videos? From your PC or on your phone? What format did you download? Perhaps the video you downloaded is in a different format that’s why you can’t play it. try converting it to MP4

  48. Hi.can you tell me how to remove auto correct when composing sms on this phone.Thanks!

    1. sure just go to settings -> language and input and choose the type of keyboard you are using and just disable the predictive typing and or auto correct. hope this helps

      1. hi! why should i upgrade my alcatel 918n? what are the features or benefits i can get if i upgraded it .. i have read the manual and guides on how to operate this phone then theirs a paragraph saying ” you can upgrade your phone. what can be the future cause if the upgrade fails ? please help

        1. you can upgrade the OS of your phone and not really your phone. Upgrading to the latest version of android OS has many benefits. Think of it as upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, similar to that. But I am not sure if Alcatel 918N is upgradable to ICS of Jelly Bean

  49. Hi! who anybody else knows to root alcatel 918n please help me

  50. please help it keeps on telling me when i got shortage memory please
    then i want to transfer in sd card

  51. how come i cant connect on wifi? when i try to connect on wifi it says obtaining ip address then it will stop connecting

    1. perhaps the network is lock or secured

  52. Hi! Does anyone know how to turn off vibrate when answering calls? Thanks.

    1. go to the settings, you can disable it from their, I think it’s located on settings -> sound

  53. I’m not contented with the results of the pics, any way that this can be like upgraded or something?

    1. Upgrade from what unit? Usually high end smartphones produce better image quality

  54. Catherine hermosa Avatar
    Catherine hermosa

    does anyone know how to turn off camera shutter sound?

    1. try putting your phone to silent mode or download a camera app that can disable shutter sound

  55. how to screenshot

    1. Try home button + power button

  56. hi! having problem with my phone, alctel918N.,i do set a pattern before using it..,my child played it,and accidentally she drawn too many pattern attempts,.. now i cant use it,. i am asked to google sign-in first.,can u help how to unlock my phone?i think its in the software..,but there’s a way how to unlock it manually?thanks,

    1. Where you able to create a google account? You should create that, otherwise how where you able to download apps from google play without setting an account.
      What android version are you on? I’ll publish an article about this one to answer your problem, there are many ways, but I’m not sure if it will work with an alcatel 918n.

  57. well, i think that’s the prob.., just wondering why i am asked to sign-in…,i don’t even registered to an any google account either..,please let me know bout ds phone,my hubby bought it last yr, and i lost the manual..,i dunno what version am i using..,i do use ds phone randomly coz am not fun with dos touchscreen phones..,it caused delays,etc.. i called alcatel head office in Greenhills.,they said,it’s in the software,i just need to send d fon in them, and they’ll d one 2 fix it..,please do send thru my email any version u have,even if it cant help atleast we tried..thanks a lot!

    1. Well, honestly if you are an Android user, it is recommended to have a Google account associated with your phone. This is for backup purposes and for problems like the one you are encountering now. Anyway, you can create a Google account on a desktop computer. A google account is the same as a gmail account, can also be used in google play store and youtube and other google services.
      The last resort will be to reset your phone to factory settings but it will delete ALL the data in your phone. Good if you regularly backup your phone, bad if not (and you have important data on it). I’ll post the guide soon ellen.

  58. creating google account will follow,just send those ways u have..tnx jeff,

  59. Anthony Clayton Avatar
    Anthony Clayton

    my alcatel one touch 918n says insufficent storage when it tries updating apps or i download apps….and all the apps i have on my phone already are on my sd card cuz i moved them there…how do i do this or how could i just root my phone without having to pay for it

    1. You can try using Link2SD, I have a guide here.
      But this is not a total solution.

  60. kanis ! parehas ringing tone ng sim 1 at sim 2
    di ako makakuha ng ringing tone s sd card ko

    1. Perhaps you can find apps to change the ringtones

  61. Rianna Avatar

    my alcatel one touch 995 camera not working it just say camera error
    cannot connect to camera
    ive tryed to reset it twice but still doesnt work 🙁 does anyone know how i can fix it or whats the problem ?

    1. Did you root your phone or installed a rom or something? You might have to do a factory reset. Otherwise this might be a hardware problem.

      1. rianna Avatar

        i havnt root my phone
        or installed a rom or anything
        the camera hasnt been working over 2-3 months i have done a factory reset
        already like twice

        1. ask for warranty. if must be a defect on the hardware

  62. Hi…just want to ask if my alcatel 1touch glory x 918n phone is capable of running…or should i say compatible with a 32gig sd??? I’ve been thinking of extending my sd card memory to make room for more mp3s…but most of the people that I ask are telling me that I need to check first if my phone is capable of handling a bigger memory sd card…so is this model capable? help… Thanks!

    1. Hi marts!
      I haven’t tried using this phone yet. But according to the official specs that Alcatel gave me, it supports microSD up to 32GB. Just an advice when buying a microSD, buy only original cards. Don’t buy fake or cheap ones. I use SanDisk Ultra 32 GB MicroSDHC Class 10 for my Note 2. Well, you don’t really need to buy a Class 10 microSD, but the speed helps when you transfer files from your computer to your card.

  63. HELP! Im stupid. I was drowsy when I changed my phone pattern lock, now I cant open it. I’ve exceeded 15 times. I tried signing to google account but it just wont sign in. The wifi on my phone is off. What to do? :O

    1. Can you not turn on the Wifi or 3G? Try resetting your phone, factory reset. Go to recovery menu.

      1. I cant 🙁 Its totally locked and I cant do anything about it

        1. Have you tried doing a factory reset? Via the recovery?
          By the way, did you leave the USB Debugging mode enabled or not?

          1. Omg. Please dont think that Im super stupid or something, I just dont remember if I turned the debugging mode on. How to factory reset via the recovery? I cant open it still. the farthest I can get to my phone is “Sign in to gmail account to unlock phone.” And whenever I sign in with my CORRECT password and address, it just wont work 🙁

          2. Hi Chow! Sorry but you got me wrong there. I didn’t think that you are super stupid or something, I’m just asking because there is a way to unlock your phone without doing factory reset, just as long as the USB debugging is enabled. And I need to know where you are coming from. But since you are now sure about that, I guess you will have to do a factory reset.

            But I warn you before hand, specially if this is your first time doing a factory reset or going to the recovery, I will not be held responsible for any damages that it may occur to your phone. I can’t see your phone so I don’t have a 100% idea of what is going on. You will be responsible for your actions. And doing a factory reset will DELETE ALL your files (including contacts) and apps.
            To do factory reset:
            1. Turn of your phone completely
            2. Turn it on again by pressing Power Button + Volume Up + Home Button all together. Hold those button until a logo appears.
            3. You should now boot in system recovery
            4. choose “wipe data/factory reset” (use volume up and down button to navigate and home button as select button)
            5. confirm your selection
            After that just restart, and your should be able to login to your phone again.

            Hope this will solve your problem.

  64. jeff, i have the same problem with chow, i followed your instructions, i turned off my phone then turned it on again pressing power, volume up and home buttons together, There is no system recovery to select. What appears are these: Factory Mode , Auto Test, Item Test, Test Report, Clear Flash, Version, Product Information, Reboot. I tried to press the Reboot but nothing happened. Please help.

    1. Have you tried factory mode?
      I’m not familiar with Alcatel’s interface. Perhaps they have different menu. Just find the same command that is equivalent to a factory reset.

  65. jessyrhie javier Avatar
    jessyrhie javier

    how to connect internet using mobie data

  66. jessyrhie Avatar

    i cant coonect internet in mobile data…and its too slow…what can i do?

    1. what network are you with? depending on your network, you have to configure the APN settings.

  67. Thanks it did work but I’m wondering why the apps were not gone. Anyway, thanks a lot! 🙂 You really helped

    1. that’s good, have you checked everything else? perhaps the apps there installed by default (bloatware) or you have to do a clear cache for them to be removed.

  68. DreadedFate Avatar

    how to unlock PUK of my phone w/o google account? please help.

    1. PUK? Are you referring to your SIM or the phone itself?

  69. Angel Avatar

    Hi jeff, I have problem with my alcatel 918N, this phone is under warranty under suncellular plan350, I already surrender it to suncellular service becaulse it fails to power on and last Monday I claim my phone already and told me that the problem is the software. After 1 day my phone still have the same problem.. I already reset the phone again by borrowing other battery from my friend. and now I cannot power on the phone again.. Appreciate your help, thanks

    1. I don’t think the problem is with the software if there is a power failure. If another working battery didn’t work, I think the unit itself has a defect. You can’t turn it on again right? Then you can’t test or reinstall a ROM. Better return it to Suncellular and ask for a new unit.

  70. jhelmer Avatar

    hi.. can u help me i cant access my internet., what is the problem with that.. i used surf via(TM) and theres any themes in alcatel 918n.. im use that model… hope u help me…

    1. Hi Jhelmer!
      Before I can help you, are you trying to access the internet via WiFi or 3G?

  71. Nicole Avatar

    Hi, I just wanted to ask. I always have a problem on delayed sms. 😐 Then, suddenly bunch of sms will come that was sent earlier. What shoul I do?

    1. I think that’s not a network problem. Try inserting other sim to your phone and see if anything change

  72. How can I screenshot without downloading an app ? I tried Home + Power button but it won’t work. Thanks in advance.

    1. I’m not sure how you can do this with alcatel OTG 918. But the home + power button works for most android phones. It’s just tricky to apply since the timing has to be right.

  73. Chow Again Avatar
    Chow Again

    Hey. I cannot change my phone’s message notification tone :/ i’ve put mp3 typed sounds on my phone but whenever I try to change my message tone, the sounds I put in my phone can only be changed on call ringtone. What should I do?

    1. Perhaps 918n does not natively support customized phone notification. Have you tried using a third party app or change the audio in the root directory?

  74. Julieann Avatar

    why my alcatel glory x198n receiving continuous sms with the same messages? when i ask the person who send me a message, he said that he send the message once…please help me fix this…thank you..:(

    1. I encountered this kind of error before, with Nokia phone. One possible reason is with your network, and not your phone.
      Did you change any settings on your phone? Because if you didn’t then its probably the network.

  75. darwin Avatar

    how to activate touchpal keyboard? thanks

  76. Arlen Joaquin Avatar
    Arlen Joaquin

    My daughter made so many pattern attempts on My Alcatel One Touch 918N Glory X. It is asking me to sign up with my gmail account and enter my password but it didn’t worked. How can I use it again?????????????????????
    Please help!!!!

    1. Do a factory reset of your phone. But this will delete all you data and apps that is in your phone.
      Do to a factory reset simply go to recovery menu by:
      1. turning off your phone
      2. Press power button + home button + volume up button (hold altogether it until a logo appears)
      3. Once your in the recovery mode, navigate or locate restore factory setting or restore default settings, or wipe user data (I’m not sure how will it look like with Alcatel)
      4. Just proceed with the reset and you can use your phone again.
      BUT be warned, this will delete everything in your phone, except the data on the external SD card. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.
      Hope this helps! Good luck!

  77. maurice Avatar

    im having problem with my 918N, wen i turn on the wifi it scans, but wen i try to connect it cant though m password is correct. still appears as disconnect! pls help. thannks!

    1. perhaps you are not using the same security logins. There are different login security like WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK. Which one is the router using?

      1. maurice Avatar

        WPA/WPA2 PSK.. then another problem is that though its already connected to the wifi, it suddenly disconnect then appears as obtaining ip adress again! what shud i do with this? pls help 🙁 im a new user of this fone.

  78. maurice Avatar

    WPAPSK . then another problem is that although its already connected to the wifi, it suddenly disconnects then the “obtaining ip address” appears again. Can you help me with that pls? im a new user of this phone. thanks alot.

    1. Where you able to connect properly before, or this is the first time you connected the phone to that WiFi network?
      I’m not really sure what’s the problem. It might be your router or the network sharing the connectivity, or it might be with your phone. Anyway, try to connect to a different WiFi network and see how it goes. I have encountered this problem before, I can connect my Galaxy Y with my WiFi network here at home, but I can not connect it to the free WiFi network at Ayala Abreeza Mall. I also get the same optaining IP address and disconnects. But when I connect to starbuck’s WiFi network, it went through without any problems.

      1. maurice Avatar

        I can connect to my wifi already. i just turn off my router but then i dont if this will last long cos still the “connecting” word appears in the wifi scanning then followed by “obtaining ip address” i dont think theres something wrong with my router cos the internet in my samsung tab work properly! Thanks though for the help! Much appreciated. ill msg you again if somethings wrong happen again 🙂

        1. Good luck! 🙂

  79. dont know what happened to my alcatel one touch 918N phone. I cant make outgoing calla and even send message. I looked in the call settings the cALL Barring option is on. Im trying to turn it off but it is asking a call barring password. I dont know of the password. help pls….

    1. I’m not sure what is the password. usually its 12345 or 1234
      If you can’t really unlock it, try doing a factory reset. But thing will delete your data and apps as well.

  80. all you have to do is to go to settings, then application management then you‘ll gonna see your phone‘s apps and click the app that you‘re going to transfer to the SD card then you‘ll gonna see a MOVE TO SD button and then click it up and you‘re all set,.just try it out,. ang galing diba po 🙂

    1. Hi Marx. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your method. But not all apps can be move from the internal memory card to SD. And doing the steps you mentioned does not physically move the app from the internal SD to the external SD. I suggest you try Link2SD method or the better one FolderMount method. Good luck! 🙂

  81. Jhaymarc Belen Avatar
    Jhaymarc Belen

    my phone doesn’t receive calls but it can make calls and sent or receive texts. what is the best way to fix this problem

  82. is alcatel glory x 918n 3G ???

  83. Cliffordsky Silga Avatar
    Cliffordsky Silga

    why my camera cannot connected?

  84. Lavenia Ochavo Avatar
    Lavenia Ochavo

    san po pwede bumili nyan

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