New Anime “Deva Zan” by Yoshitaka Amano Coming Soon

From the illustrator of the Final Fantasy series and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Yoshitaka Amano, revealed his new creation… Deva Zan.

Mr. Yoshitaka has recently announced, last December 21, 2010, the worldwide release of his anime movie “DEVA ZAN” in the Spring of 2012.

Deva Zan intends to deliver and visualize Asian Myths and present it to the world so that not only will Japanese people will learn from it but also the whole world. Amano created the concept a decade ago and has been developing the project ever since.

Deva Zan by Yoshitaka AmanoThe story of Deva Zan is set after the Jinshō (Buddhist divine generals/warriors) were defeated by darkness and vanished far into the space-time. After the world descended into chaos, Zan, a samurai with no memories, discovers his calling and assembles fellow soldiers who can cross through time and space. In order to beat the corps of the Darkness, ZAN tries to acquire the Dark Power.

Based on the trailer I have seen, this movie is definitely a big one! It has a new perspective and taste that will definitely make anime lovers want to watch this movie.



3 responses to “New Anime “Deva Zan” by Yoshitaka Amano Coming Soon”

  1. wow, he is one talented dude. love final fantasy.

  2. I can’t wait to see it. Sa trailer palang maganda na.

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    1. I haven’t watch Bleach Hell Chapter yet, wala pa narelease, malamang matatagalan din ito before we can watch this new anime movie. ^_^

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