Bleach Chapter 481 Spoiler – The Beginning of the Final Arc

Bleach Chapter 481 Spoiler is not yet available. But during the previous Bleach chapter we saw some interesting scenes. The first few pages were colored and a total of 22 pages.


That’s not all, it’s the beginning of something big. The beginning to an end, the Final Arc, the Thousand-Year Blood War. I’m not sure if this saga would be the last for Bleach then it’s goodbye to Bleach forever. I hope not!

Finally we also see Kurusaki Ichigo back as a Shinigami Representative. I’m sure in Bleach chapter 481 Ichigo will slash those giant hollows.

So who are the new enemies in the final arc? Some reports say that their enemy are the Quincies. Soul Society is probably going to war with the Quincy.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi said that “”they”” are the only ones who are capable of eliminating the hollows into kingdom come. Meaning they would not be purified and become none existent. Only Quincies could do that.

Balance between, the Soul Society – Hueco Mundo and – Real World must be maintain. Otherwise it could be disastrous. Hmmm… If the Hollows are being eliminated by the Quencies, the Hollows/Arrancar might team up with Ichigo and join the battle against the ancient Quincy. That’s just a theory though.

Bleach Chapter 481 spoiler is currently unavailable. There are fan scripts though, but let’s just wait for the confirmed Bleach Chapter 481 spoiler. I will update this once it is available. Stay tuned!

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