Bleach Chapter 489 Spoiler: Ichigo vs the Quincy Captain

Bleach Chapter 489 is up next. During the last episode Ichigo, together with Nel, Urahara and his friends, successfully penetrated Hueco Mundo without being noticed. Ichigo will now face a Quincy captain. What will happen next? Bleach Chapter 489 spoiler is not yet available as of the moment. Meanwhile let’s discuss what had just happened.


During the last chapter, we found out who the Vandenreich are, thanks to Kurotshuchi Mayuri’s report. The Vandenreich are actually Quincy, Soul Society’s ancient enemies, and are now again rebelling against soul society. Unfortunately they still don’t know where their headquarters are. I wonder why they did not think that their headquarters might be in Hueco Mundo. Anyway, Ichigo and his friends will most probably find out their headquarters and arrive there first.

Meanwhile the Tres Bestia, Apacci, Rose and Sung-Sun attacked a group of Vandereich who were eliminating the Arrancars. One by one they slashed the enemies while quarreling with each other.

The Quincy Captain stepped into the scene and tried to talked to the Tres Bestia to surrender and join their cause. But they refused to surrender. A large explosion occurred and the three of them were defeated INSTANTLY! Just how strong this Quincy Captain is.

Ichigo immediately went to the scene to try to save the Tres Bestia. Now its Ichigo vs the Quincy Captain. Could this be the first serious fight since the beginning of this arc? Let’s find out in Bleach 489.

Currently Bleach 489 spoiler is not yet available. I’ll update this post once Bleach Chapter 489 spoiler comes out.



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