Davao Cyber Expo 2011 A Must See Must Join Event of the Year!

Davao Cyber Expo 2011 Is Simply Wicked!

It’s this time of year again for the most awesome event for the PC enthusiasts, Gamers, cosplayers, techie people and YOU; the Davao Cyber Expo 2011 or DCE 2011. You probably heared or even joined this event before. If not, you definitely need to join or just even see this event. If you have, you still need to joined this year’s DCE because its better than last year and this year we have a special guest!


dce 2011
Davao Cyber Expo (DCE) 2011 is where top Gamers meet and compete with other players, PC enthusiasts gathered to share and showcase their high-end computer rigs, cosplayers shows up their best cosplay costumes and many more. Oh, did I forgot to mention the great and awesome prices that are at stake? Yes! You could win lots of prices and giveaways from DCE. Just see the contest and prizes here: e2-events contest and prizes

This year is the fifth DCE and every year, it just keeps getting better and better. Just see the pictures below to give you an idea what was last year’s DCE look like.

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

davao cyber expo 2011

See more pictures at e2 Events’ official site. Link below.

What should we expect from this year’s Davao Cyber Expo? Below are some of the events that will happen at DCE:
1. Davao Cyber Games – DOTA Competition. Best gamers from Davao City and other places gathered to battle out for Pride and Honor! and Yes, Cash and Prizes!

2. LAN Party Extreme – This is the biggest LAN party where PC enthusiast gather to showcase their different computers. From small form factor to full tower rigs.
lan party extreme

3. Cosplay Event – Davao is not left behind in cosplaying. At DCE, cosplay competition is one of the highlights of the event. This year’s Cosplay event is bigger than ever! and I really mean it when I say it would be bigger, why? Just continue reading.

Cosplayers get a chance to win big prizes. And for this year’s grand prize: a brand new computer set with LCD monitor.

At DCE 2011, e2 Events has a surprise for cosplayers and for us all. The Cosplay Queen of the Philippines Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao will be the special guest in the said event. That’s right! Alodia Gosiengfiao, your cosplay goddess, will be here in Davao at DCE! Be sure to be there and see Alodia in person. You might get a chance to take a picture with Alodia. ^_^

alodia gosiengfiao at dce 2011

alodia gosiengfiao at davao cyber expo 2011

4. TechXtreme Exhibits by Blinque – showcasing what’s the latest and highend computer hardware that you definitely must have. Best deals can also be availed during the said event. Some of the participating brands are Intel, Western Digital, Razer, ASUS, Gskill, Coolermaster, Bitfenix, Powercolor, MSI, LG, ECS EliteGroup, and many more.
blinqueBlinque Tech is one of the trusted computer store out there. From entry level system to high end computer system, you name it, they got it! Blinque tech also supports the local PC enthusiast community in Davao City, the DCWired.

5. Live band music – What is an event without music?! Envigorating live band music to pump up the “battle field” (SM Event Center).

6. Intel Gaming Challenge – Intel is the platinum sponsor of the said event. Intel has show off its first generation core-i processors last year. This year, it’s time for Intel’s second generation core-i processors to show off. You definitely would not want to miss this out. Intel will be giving away lots of prizes!
intel street fighter challenge

For full details of the event, the contest that you could join and prizes that you could win visit e2-events.com now!

sm city davaoDavao Cyber Expo 2011 will happen on July 29, 20 and 31 at SM City Davao event center. SM City has been one of the major sponsor and supporter of DCE. They provide the “battle field” for DCE.

Visit e2-events now!



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  1. Hello Jeff, Have you join the blogging competition?

    1. Hi Benn! Yup! I have submitted an entry but it was already July 26 or 27. And I do not know if my entry was accepted. Hindi na kasi na update yung site ng e2-events.
      I was hoping that a new graphics card would be the price. hahaha

      1. Thanks Jeff, ang ganda naman ng blog mo impress ako. Ako rin nagjoin ako pero di ko alam if kaylan ang announcement. I’m sure tanggap tong sayo, galing ng kasi. Sa pagkakalam ko 5 bloggers ang mananalo, ang prize kasi paiba-iba, dati TV ata yun tapos ngayun high-tec na pen and cash.hehehe

        1.  Avatar

          Hi Tech pen plus cash? I though pen only? hehe
          I do not know if how many entry was submitted since yung blog entry mo lang ang nagreflect sa site ng e2-events.
          I checked my site stats and hindi naman ganun karami ang ang click through rate sa site ng e2 events.
          “Thanks Jeff, ang ganda naman ng blog mo impress ako” -> hindi naman. *^_^*. Thanks din! Hoping to be in top 10 or even top 5 in topblogs tech chategory.

          1. Di rin ako sure Jeff, kasi ang sabi dun sa link may P3000 na cash pero dun sa ilalim ng mechanics, pen ang nkalagay.Anyway, congrats nalang if sino mananalo.

            Kaya mo yan just bring more traffic, ako top 42 palang sa top blogs hirap kasi ang lakas ni Yugatech.

            nice to meet you jeff…:)

          2.  Avatar

            Ahh ang alam ko pen lang talaga.
            Matagal na kasi si yugatech and madami silang subscribers and followers kaya madali lang ang traffic sa kanila.

            Sooner or later kung kaya na mag post ng mga reviews and may mga offer na from advertisers, magagawa din yan.

            how many months/years old na blog mo?
            ganun din ako dati nasa 40-50.

            Nice to meeto you too Benn. You know we should meet sometime. ^_^

          3. I agree with you Jeff medyo veterans na tlaga si Yuga. Mga almost one year pa lang akong nagba-blog. ikaw? Jeff join sa PPB para magkita kita tayo doon…:)

          4.  Avatar

            Benn what’s PPB? Sorry I’m not familiar with PPB?

          5.  Avatar

            Benn what’s PPB? Sorry I’m not familiar with PPB?

  2. Jeff,PPB stands for Proudly Pinoy Bloggers.Pwd kita invite? Anu fb mo? Jeff taga Davao ka?

    1.  Avatar

      bro already added you. ako yung may ROG na icon. hehehe

      1. Thanks a lot bro…:)

        1.  Avatar

          no probs! ^_^

  3. bibi..nanie Avatar

    kita ko ang COSPLAY ng 1st time MAKA ADIK ..

    1.  Avatar

      You see again next year! every year it keeps getting better and better.

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