Resident Evil 6 Logo and Release Date Leaked!

According to this leaked slide, Resident Evil 6 will be launched or released on September 15, 2011

Here we have a leaked slide or image regarding Resident Evil 6. Based on the picture below, Resident Evil 6 will be launched or relased on September 15, 2011. This was originally posted on Hell Descent Forums.


UPDATE: Resident Evil 6 Release Date revealed! Watch the Resident Evil 6 trailer.

resident evil 6 logo leaked

The image was taken by “akiraodasan” when he was invited to a Capcom closed door press conference at San Diego Comic-con. I do not know how he manage to take picture of the Resident Evil 6 logo, but he was able to capture one. Maybe he hid his camera somewhere.

According to akiraodasan “they showed us some presentations about details on upcoming Capcom games and other stuff like about their marketing and other but the most interesting thing is that they confirmed and showed us Resident Evil 6 logo. they didnt give out any details about he game but said more updates about it will be given this TGS September 15Tth.

Much of the Resident Evil fans where quite disappointed with Resident Evil 5, saying that it lack the “horror” and “thrill” that fans are expecting. Capcom might have look into this and incorporated new stuff in Resident Evil 6.



3 responses to “Resident Evil 6 Logo and Release Date Leaked!”

  1. dojorockergirl Avatar

    this is awesome dude, thanks

  2. Hotmail Avatar

    From the odd spelling, it says that more info will be available Sept 15th.

    It will probably be released with MW2 and BF3 I hopes 🙂

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