Thundercats 2011 Episode 9 Release Date and Title

Thundercats 2011 Season 1 Episode 9 Release Date

If you have been following the new series of Thundercats 2011, Episode 9 should have been release last week but until now it was not released. The big question now is, when is Thundercats 2011 Episode 9 release date?


thundercats 2011 episode 9 release date

To answer that question, I did a little bit of research and Google-ing. At first I was afraid that they discontinued Thundercats 2011! But I don’t think they would do that since it was starting to become popular again as more and more people are watching it.

The last episode of Thundercats was aired last September 9, 2011 and was entitled “The Duelist and the Drifter“. Well according to some reports, Thundercats 2011 episode 9 was simply delayed.

Thundercats 2011 is on a 6-week break and Episode 9 will resume on October 28, 2011 (according to reports). This is due to Clone Wars marathon. According to some reports, Thundercats episode 9 is entitled “Berbils“. Do you still remember the RoBear Berbils?

thundercats 2011 episode 9 berbils

That’s right those funny looking robot bears, they will be featured next in Thundercats 2011. Then it will be followed by “Sight beyond sight”, “The War Forgers” and “Into the Astral Plane”.

So far these where just the episodes that were revealed. Release date for Thundercats episode 10 to 12 has not been disclosed yet.

Thundercats 2011 Season 1 Episode List:
Episode 1: The Sword of Omens – July 29, 2011
Episode 2: Ancient Spirits of Evil – July 29, 2011
Episode 3: Ramlak Rising – August 5, 2011
Episode 4: Song of the Petalars – August 12, 2011
Episode 5: Old Friends – August 19, 2011
Episode 6: Journey to the Tower of Omens – August 26, 1011
Episode 7: Legacy – September 2, 2011
Episode 8: The Duelist and the Drifter – September 9, 2011
Episode 9: Berbils – October 28, 2011 ???
Episode 10: Sight Beyond Sight – ???
Episode 11: The War Forgers – ???
Episode 12: Into the Astral Plane – ???



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  1. Echobasealpha Avatar

    Glad to hear, thanks for the info!

    1.  Avatar

      I’m also waiting for the next episode. I hope they would release it sooner or earlier than expected.

  2. havent thay finished to recored the all season? whay is it beening pushed over for clone wars?

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