official far cry 3 trailer

Far Cry 3 Official Trailer and Release Date revealed

The Far Cry 3 official trailer was finally revealed together with its correct release date contrary to the leaked Far Cry 3 trailer and release date which is slightly different from the official one.


official far cry 3 trailer

The official release date of Far Cry 3 is on September 7, 2012. Watch the official trailer of Far Cry 3 below.

According to RockPapersShotgun:

This is the ‘official’ version of the Far Cry 3 trailer, which is almost exactly the same as the one that leaked earlier on today. I actually felt bad about linking to that one, but we’re all about disclosure here at RPS: whether you’re Ubisoft or John Walker, we’ll get to the heart of the story, no matter what. So, tell us Ubisoft: why did the leaked trailer have a Sept 6 release date when this one says Sept the 7th?




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