close apps on iphone 5

How to Completely Close Apps on iPhone 5 or iPad and Save Battery

If you are new to a iPhone / iPad, or you used to be an Android user, you might be still adjusting to the new interface and operating system (iOS 6). One distinct feature of an iPhone 5 is that it has only one button at the lower center of the phone, and that’s the home button. Unlike in Android and other smartphones, there is a dedicated “Back” button and an options button. And surprisingly most iPhone apps doesn’t have an exit button or there’s no “back” button. Well, some does have an exit button, but generally they don’t. So how do you exit or close an app on iPhone completely?


close apps on iphone 5

When we first got our iPhone 5, this was one of our problem. We thought that the home button was also the exit button. Once your press the home button, the app closes and immediately returns you to the home screen. We thought by pressing the home button it is enough to close or exit the app, but it’s not. The app is still running from the background, it was only “minimized”, thus it is still consuming the iPhone’s battery life. That’s why our iPhone didn’t last long, and we have to recharge it again or even twice a day.

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How to Completely Exit or Close an App on iPhone 5

To completely exit or close an app, you just need to double click the home button. Active apps will appear on the lower portion of your screen. Just press and hold an icon until a minus sign will appear on the upper left corner of the icon, and the icons will start to shake. From there just press the minus button to complete close an app. You might want to slide the icons from right to left, to see if there are other active apps.

how to close apps on iphone 5 or ipad

Also when double clicking the home button, you can access the volume control and media player buttons just by sliding it from left to right.

how to exit apps on iphone 5 or ipad

Double clicking the home button of your iPhone 5 or iPad is also a great way to switch from one app to another, without closing the app or going back to the homescreen. This small function is like a task manager or switcher on an Android phone.

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