nipples unlockes iphone 5s touch id

Japanese Unlocks iPhone 5S Using Nipples!

The Touch ID feature on the new iPhone 5s is one of the main features of Apple’s current flagship phone. Using the Touch ID users can unlock the iPhone 5s using their finger prints. But did you know it can also detect other body parts? Below is a demonstration how the Touch ID can recognize ones nipples and unlock the iPhone 5s.


nipples unlockes iphone 5s touch id

Nipples Unlocks iPhone 5s

What do you think? Will you use your nipples to unlock your iPhone 5s? It’s funny, but it works. At the same time it’s not as practical as it can be very embarrassing.

I’ve seen other people unlocking their iPhone 5s using other methods. Some people use nose, toes, elbow, chin, and some even tried a cat’s paw to unlock the iPhone 5s. Surprisingly, the Touch ID recognizes them all.

What does this mean? This only means that the Touch ID is still not perfect. It’s supposed to read and unlock on finger prints alone. But it turns out that it can recognize any other pattern as well. As long as the subject has patterns on it, the iPhone 5s can register that pattern and it can recognize it.

Is this forward thinking? Do you think the Touch ID is really secure and safe? Or do you prefer the old number passcode instead?

For all those who have an iPhone 5s already, have you tried unlocking your phone using different parts of your body?



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