Razer Ferox Tiny But Mighty!

I just recently received an email from Razer promoting their new Razer Ferox, a portable mini stereo gaming speaker for mobile gamers who are always on the go.


Razer FeroxThis tiny but powerful speaker is built with the state of the art expandable resonance chamber, a 360 degree Omni-directional sound and its digitally enhanced amplifier. It also features exceptional audio and powerful bass that you could not believe it came from a tiny speaker. Razer Ferox is so tiny you can put it in your pocket.

Razer Ferox Features:
With its unique 360 degree Omni-directional sound, Razer Ferox sends its audio signal 360 degrees unlike regular speakers which sends only the audio signal in one direction, front.

The Expanded Bass Resonance Chamber makes it possible for Razer Ferox to deliver a powerful bass despite it size.

And finally, Razer Ferox is built with Optimized Digital Amplification which gives a harmonious balance of the different tone levels and volume.

Razer Ferox is also compatible with mobile devices like PSP, Iphone, Laptops and Net books.

Razer Ferox Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 150Hz-20KHz
  • Drivers: 30mm neodymium magnets
  • Up to 12 hours playback time
  • LED battery status indicator
  • Battery voltage/capacity: 470mAh
  • 3.5mm audio jack & USB
  • Loudspeaker Output: 2 x 3W
  • Carrying case included
  • Approximate size: 70 mm (length) x 70mm (width) x 53 – 64 mm (height)

Razer Ferox is sold for $59.99 at the Razerzone store.

Now where did Razer get the name Ferox? The logo has a tail fin, this gives us an idea that Ferox is a fish! Not so deadly or poisonous like the other names huh.

Ferox is a fish. But unlike any other fish, Ferox is a cannibal that can eat half of its own length.



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    Alan Johnson

    Review: Razer Ferox Portable Speakers: Short version: These tiny speakers are more powerful than you’d think

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