Razer’s Ironclad Unibody Aluminum Mousepad

I just got an email from Razer newsletter introducing their Ironclad “Unibody” Aluminum Mousepad. Well it’s the first time that I’ve heard that Aluminum is used as a material for making a mousepad.


UPDATE: Turns out that Razer’s Ironclad didn’t satisfy the gamers community. You might to check out on Razer Scarab Expert Hard Gaming Mouse Mat which is a popular one or the very flexible and mobile Razer Kabuto.

The new Razer Ironclad is white, so I think it would go great with Mac Books and Apple PCs. But personally I don’t like white mousepad. They easily get dirty and stained.

Razer Ironclad

What can we expect with this $59.99 aluminum mousepad? First, and as usual, this is made for Gamers who are looking for speed and sleek design. It is said that this is forged with cutting edge technology giving an unfair advantage over the enemies.

“The Razer Ironclad gaming-grade mouse mat is engineered to bring out the most comfortable glide of today’s gaming-grade mice while retaining extraordinary tracking control. Its finely sandblasted reactive coating delivers optimal glide to both high- and low-sensitivity gamers. Built of a solid aluminum body that prevents warping, the Razer Ironclad is reinforced for strength and durability. “

Specification and features are:

  • Anodized Aluminum body
  • Ultra-Smooth Sandblasted Surface
  • Robust Unibody Construction for extra durability
  • Extra-Large Mousing Area 320mm (L) x 270mm (W) x 2.5mm (H)

You can get one here at the Razer Store



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