Read Bleach Chapter 470 Spoilers – Kuchika Siblings Fight!

Bleach Chapter 470 – Bleach Manga 470 – Kuchika Siblings are in trouble

The next Bleach manga chapter is Bleach Chapter 470. Bleach 470 will be out by Wednesday. During the last Bleach Chapter both the Kuchika siblings are in a pinch. Except that Byakuya is quite in deep trouble.


During the last chapter Byakuya was in trouble. He did not expect that Tsukishima’s sword could affect everything, even the walls and floors of the building, and definitely his Zanpakuto.

Because of this, Tsukishima was able to figure out Byakuya’s weakness, a no damage zone to be exact. He also learned all of his moves including, Senkei, Goukei and Hakutei-Ken. Byakuya was caught off guard and Tsukishima was able to slice him.

Meanwhile, Rukia was having difficulty fighting off his “”cute”” enemies. Riruka then unleashed a “”very powerful”” attack (Addiction Shot) which Rukia might not be able to resist at all.

What will Byakuya do, now that he has been slashed by Tsukishima and Tsukishima knows all his techniques and moves?
I bet Byakuya will unleash a newly developed technique that Tsukishima was not able to learn of. Or, Byakuya will overcome Tsukishima’s Book of End through sheer-will and pride.

Can Rukia overcome the cuteness of the stuff toy that Riruka unleashed? Find out next in Bleach chapter 470

Bleach 470 English scans will be available once Bleach chapter 470 raw are translated. Please support Bleach Manga by buying the chapters when they come out in your areas.



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