Read Bleach Chapter 467 – Bleach 467 Spoilers: Finishing off the remaining Fullbrings

Bleach Chapter 467 – Bleach 467 Spoilers: Riruka vs Rukia and Ikkaku vs Moe Shishigawara

Up Next Bleach Chapter 467. During the previous Bleach Manga Chapters, more and more fullbrings were defeated easily. The quickest was Zaraki defeating Giriko, followed by Renji defeating Jackie Tristan in a cool way and last was Toshirou defeating the arrogant Yukio and his dirty games.


In the previous Bleach chapter, Renji defeated Jackie Tristan. Her Dirty Boots were no match for Renji’s speed and strength. He did not even used half of his powers yet. Yukio then destroyed the dimension. Did Renji survived the blast? I’m sure he did.

During the previous Bleach Manga chapter, we also learned that all of them, if not most of the fullbrings, had a bad past experience. Most probably the reason why they became twisted.

Yukio was arrogant enought to believe that he could defeat Toshirou easily. Unfortunately it was game over for the poor kid. Toshirou was able to freeze Yukio and manage to short circuit the game controller in Yukio’s hand. And that’s probably the end of Yukio.

In Bleach Chapter 467, it’s most probably Ikkaku and or Rukia’s turn. Ikkaku was fighting Moe Shishigawara (Jackpot Knuckle). I’m pretty sure Ikkaku will beat this guy up.

Rukia was battling her way with Riruka’s dolls. Riruka doesn’t look like much of a fighter. And Rukia will probably beat her off with Sode no Shirayuki or one of her kido techniques.

Which reminds me, now that Rukia is a vice captain, will Rukia finally unleash her bankai? I hope we will see Rukia’s Bankai in the following chapters to come.

The only fullbrings left are Tsukishima and Ginjo. I guess their battles are save for the last. Byakuya vs Tsukishima followed by Ichigo vs Ginjo.

Next Bleach chapter 467, finishing the remaining fullbrings. You can read bleach manga 467 when bleach chapter 467 English scans are out. Read Bleach manga chapter 467 online for free in popular manga sites.

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