Naruto 607: I don’t Care Anymore (Released)

Naruto 607 is now available up next and we are back to where it all began. At least the last episode has finally answered most of our questions and revealed to us how did this whole Obito-Madara thing began. In the end, the mastermind behind this is Madara himself. He’s just using Obito as a pawn for his own cause. Even if they were successful with the Dream World plan, Obito won’t be able to revive Rin in the first place. How did Obito convinced Nagato in joining their cause? Find out in Naruto chapter 607.


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 607 is now available. This chapter is entitled “”I don’t care anymore””. You can now begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist itachiulquiorra

[alert type=””yellow””]Disclaimer: I do not claim that I know all about the world of Naruto. I enjoy posting articles like this because I get to interact with other Naruto fans who would also like to comment and contribute their thoughts about the previous and the coming chapters. So if you think you know something that we don’t please do leave your thoughts below.[/alert]

Naruto chapter 607 Prediction

There is not much to predict from this point onwards. Basically the previous chapters revealed to us most of the things that we need to know, and the rest follows. It’s like we were reading/watching Star Wars episode 4,5,6 first and then came back to part 1,2,3 to explain the whole thing how it all began.

Most probably, Obito (now Madara Uchiha) was able to convince Nagato in joining his cause. I’m not really sure if Obito told him the truth but perhaps he also misled him or manipulated him somehow like what Madara did to Obito. After that Akatsuki was born and the hunt for the Bijuu begins.

Honestly I was quiet disappointed with Obito. I was not expecting that his character/personality was that weak and fell for Madara’s plot easily. I mean he knows that it’s wrong and most probably he won’t be able to really revive Rin. Except create a “”delussional world”” or the dream world where he thinks Rin is still alive.

Also, how did Madara implanted his eyes to Nagato without Nagato knowing it. And when did he exactly did that?
I’m also thinking why was Madara revived by Kabuto via Edo Tensei and not Nagato’s Rinne Tensei?

Naruto 607 Spoiler

Naruto 607 spoiler will be posted in this section if ever a confirmed Naruto chapter 607 spoiler or raw scan becomes available. Don’t worry, for those who hate spoilers, a spoiler alert will be placed before this section. But as of now, there are no confirmed spoilers yet.

I’ll post updated once new information about Naruto 607 is available or when Naruto chapter 607 is released. Stay tune!



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