Is Sentinel Prime Good or Bad in Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon

You might be wondering, Is Sentinel Prime a bad guy or a good guy in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon?

I’m sure by now you have watched Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. Otherwise I strongly suggest you watch it now! This article might contain spoiler regarding Sentinel Prime and his actions in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.


Transformers 3 Sentinel primeAs we all know Sentinel Prime is the leader of the Autobots before Optimus Prime. He was the leader and the Commander during the War in Cybertron. He’s a “legendary warrior” thought to have been lost long ago. If you have seen the first scene in the movie where a ship (Ark) was trying to escape, on board that ship was Sentinel Prime.

Sentinel Prime was Optimus Prime’s mentor, predecessor and a father figure. So to answer the question “is Sentinel Prime Optimus Prime’s Father?“, the answer is obviously NO! Sentinel Prime’s moto is “Freedom without survival is a tragedy, survival without freedom is a curse.”. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Sentinel Prime was revived by Optimus Prime using the Matrix of Leadership. Also in the said movie, he transforms into a Rosenbauer Panther fire truck.

Warning Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon yet!

sentinel prime transformers 3 dark of the moonDuring the war at Cybertron, Sentinel Prime had already an intention to restore Cybertron back to its former glory. Because of his ambition/intention, it drove him mad and made a deal with Megatron for the sake of his intention. During the time when his ship was escaping Cybertron caring the technology that could teleport anything (Space Bridge Technology), it was already planned that he was to rendezvous with Megatron.

Now back to the topic, is Sentinel Prime a Good guy or a bad guy in Transformer 3 Dark of the Moon? Was he a traitor to the Autobots? Was he a villain then?

transformers dark of the moon sentiner prime traitorLike I said earlier, Sentinel Prime made a deal with Megatron to rebuild Cybertron by finding another planet and enslaving the inhabitants on that planet, in this movie our planet Earth. Sentinal Prime was indeed one of the main antagonist in the movie and to the Autobots, he was a traitor.

It was clear in the movie that he had no intention to be under the control of Megatron or the Decepticons. He looks at himself as a “god” and should be worship. He pushed away Megatron and took command of the Decepticons.

Sentinel Prime is quite complicated in this movie. He’s neither on Autobots’ side nor the Decepticons. His main goal and intention was to bring back Cybertron. Sentinel Prime is neither black or white. Hi gray! In between, he had his own intention or role to play with. According to one commentator, like Samuel L. Jackson says, Sentinel Prime is a B.A.M.F.. (if you don’t know what is the meaning of B.A.M.F, try searching it in Google.)

In the end, according to Optimus Prime, Sentinel Prime did not betray Optimus Prime, but he betrayed himself.
sentinel prime good guy or bad guy

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  1. Blobber Boy Avatar
    Blobber Boy

    well for me I guess, he is a good guy in a way, because he tried to rebuild cybertron, but his ways is not that good, and that made him look like a bad guy.

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      Sure no probs! Thanks for adding me in your blogroll. ^_^

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