Sharp Philippines Introduces SH930W Aquos Phone, SH530U and SH631W

Smart Mobile Philippines is releasing three new smartphones this 2013. These phones are the Sharp SH930W Aquos phone, the first 5-inch full HD smartphone from Sharp, the Sharp SH530U with dual sim functionality, and the 4.5-inch Sharp SH631W. Read the rest of the press release below to know more about the phones’ specifications and features.


Sharp SH930W Aquos phone

sharp sh930w aquos smartphone
Sharp Mobile Philippines takes pride in the first ever 5 inch full HD Aquos Phone to be released this January in the Philippine Smart Phone market.

Get in style with this ultra thin smart phone that only measures at 9.1mm in thickness. Furnished with Corning Gorilla Glass, the SH930W is scratch proof and anti-finger coating.

Take control with its powerful 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera. Record your videos in full HD and enjoy viewing it on your brilliant 5” display 443 PPI CGS Display with SRS (Surround sound).

Enhance your experience with its 1.5GHz CPU that gives you a maximum user experience along with the latest Android version, Jelly Bean 4.1.
Truly, the Sharp SH930w gives you the feeling of Love at first sight.

Sharp SH530U

sharp SH530U
Last October 2012 Sharp Mobile Philippines released its flagship Smartphone, The SH530U.

The SH530U is a superior dual-sim phone that exudes a brilliant 5’ display which gives you the feel of a phone and a tablet in one. Feel stylish and enjoy the slim 9.9mm thickness which blends in with the wonderful color and material of the phone.

Go for the one that does more and you can with the powerful 1GHz dual core CPU which gives a refined user experience. Enjoy a phone that is smoother in navigation and better in function with its special FEEL UX function that is distinctive and easy to use. Stay Smart and savvy! The SH530U runs on Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich giving you an advanced user experience!

Enjoy and go beyond your imagination with the SHARP SH530U.

Sharp SH631W

Sleek and Smart, the SH631W is irresistibly curved . Sharp also introduces it’s SH631W, a 4.5’ qHD display phone that is intuitive and fast. Enjoy an Android 4.0 ICS phone that is powered by a 1GH dual core CPU. It goes beyond performance as it is beautifully curved and measuring only at 9.5mm for thickness. That’s elegance and performance in one.



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