tobi identity answered

Tobi’s Identity Revealed! An Interview with Masashi Kishimoto

Naruto Shippuden Manga series is really getting hotter every chapter. The Great Shinobi World War is nearing or is already in its climax. At Like Naruto, an interview with Masashi Kishimoto a.k.a Kishi reveals that Tobi’s identity will be revealed very soon, withint the next few weeks from now. I’m guessing that it will be on Naruto Chapter 600.


tobi identity answered

Further, Kishi revealed that Tobi and Madara knew each other, although he did not gave any details about the relationship of Tobi and Madara. Speaking of Madara, he is immortal now, but Kishi has something up his sleeves and doesn’t want to reveal it. He just said that we should just stay excited and wait to find out. Hmmm perhaps this is a job for Sasuke and Orochimaru. And Tobi is a job for Naruto, Kakashi, Guy and Bee.

Below is the full text of the interview:

Question: The legendary shinobi is now immortal! Does Uchiha Madara have any weak point?
Kishi: All strong people have some kind of weak point, but Madara does not. How will the fight from here on out go!? Please stay excited and wait to find out!!

Question: I’m curious about the connection between Madara and Tobi!
Kishi: I obviously can’t give too many details, but the two do know each other. What kind of relation they have will be gradually revealed in the current story!!

Question: Will Tobi’s identity be revealed soon…!?
Kishi: Indeed it will. In fact, it should be within the next few weeks!! Everyone, please wait and keep predicting until then!!

Question: How will Naruto and Sasuke’s story proceed now?
Kishi: I think that they will meet up once again during this war. Please look forward to seeing what will happen then!

Question: Now that we’ve entered the climax of the Great Shinobi World War arc, please tell us what some upcoming highlights will be!
Kishi: Everything from here on out will be a highlight!! Everything’s just going to get more and more exciting!! Everyone’s favorite characters will gather together to play a big part!! Please continue enjoying Naruto now that the Great Shinobi World War is in its climax!

I’m really excited in the next following chapters to come out. I’m very sure that Naruto fans would not want to miss the succeeding chapters from now on. Tobi’s identity will be revealed soon. Many months ago (or perhaps a year), many Naruto fans guessed that Tobi is Obito. And that theory died. But recently, and because of Naruto chapter 596, more and more fans believed that Tobi is really Obito. Still others have their own speculations as to who Tobi really is.

How about you, who do you think Tobi really is?



20 responses to “Tobi’s Identity Revealed! An Interview with Masashi Kishimoto”

  1. Obviously Tobi is Madara.

  2. Redtubeporn Avatar

    Obviously Tobi is Madara’s brother duh…

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      And what’s the name of Madara’s brother?

      1. Izuna,

  3. How the fuck should tobi be obito? yondaime fought against tobi. At that time obito still was a freakin child….DUH!

    1. SuperAnon Avatar

      Kakashi was 19, meaning Obito would be as well. 19 is not a child.

    2. Kakashi was about 26 when the story started and naruto was about 11….. wouldn’t be toooo strange if tobi was 15 when he fought minato…. but i don’t think that tobi ist obito….

  4. It would suck if he was Obito, since that’s what people has been guessing from day one.
    Also, look at how kishimoto ends every answer with KEEP READING etc, quite funny

  5. Bluedeath82 Avatar

    i believe tobi is a permanent clone of Madara. Madara is the only one with enough chakra to be able to possibly leave a permanent clone behind

  6. tobi is obito…

  7. There are 3 generations of tobi, his grandpa, madaras bro, his dad, the one who fought the 4th, and finally, obito.

  8. That has got to be the worst inteview ever. He would have been better off just saying “no comment” to every question

  9. God dammit… it makes no sense that Obito is tobi… That chapter ruined the whole Naruto series for me… Kishimoto has to make it so Obito isn’t really tobi… if he doesn’t… I’ll be very disappointed.

  10. Is it just me or he answered every Q with a Q

  11. Tobi Is Many Different People He Jus Happen To Be Obito At The Time Naruto Broke His Mask

  12. I Can Understand Kishimoto Why Would He Spoil His Own Book Thats No Fun

  13. well there’s a possible existence of the 2nd tobi.. maybe madara or izuna was the first tobi.. i have this theory that the first tobi helped obito then obito became the 2nd tobi… maybe they fused body or something that’s why tobi was able to fight yondaime.. :3 well let’s leave everything to kishimoto.. authors got a big brains for imagination… and there’s no impossible in the world of manga and anime..

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