Bleach 461 Release Date – Bleach 461 Prediction and Spoiler

Bleach 461 Release Date is just around the corner

The last chapter of Bleach, Bleach 460 entitled Death and Strawberry 2, was an epic chapter. Bleach fans are very excited on the next chapter of Bleach. Bleach 461 release date is expected to be within this week.


In the last chapter of Bleach, Kurosaki Ichigo just got his Shinigami powers back. With the help of Urahara, Rukia and the other Shinigamis in Soul Society were able to contribute a portion of their Shinigami powers to Ichigo. Urahara made a special Zanpakuto that has no edge to absorbed their powers and transfer it to Ichigo.

Ginjo and Tsukishima is in for a surprise when they saw Ichigo turned into a Shinigami. Ginjo thought that he has absorbed all Ichigo’s power using his Full Bring. Only to find out that he just absorbed a small portion of Ichigo’s power.

According to Rukia, Ichigo’s true power lies deep within him and can not be taken by anyone from him. Ichigo unleashed a practice swing which Ginjo thought was Gentsu Tenshou.

Ichigo then tells Ginjo that it was just a practice swing. Ichigo then gathers his powerful Reiatsu to release a Getsuga Tenshou and punish Ginjo.

Beach 461 prediction
I think the Getsuga Tenshou that Ichigo released was not a finishing blow. But instead a blow enough for Ginjo to have a reason to fear Ichigo.

The other members of the Soul Society namely, Rukia, Renji, Byakuya, Toushiro, Kenpachi, Yachiru and Ikkaku might probably go after the remaining Full Brings to end their menace. Ichigo is left to face Ginjo. I’m not really sure if Ichigo will finish off Ginjo or not. Well, let’s just see when Bleach 461 chapter is released.

Bleach chapter 461 release date is probably on Wednesday or Thursday morning, the usual release of Bleach Manga Chapters. You can read Bleach chapter 461 English scans on popular manga sites.



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