Bleach Chapter 460 Discussion and Review

Bleach Chapter 460 reaction, discussion and review

Have you read Bleach Chapter 460 already? It was really an epic chapter! At last we are back to where the story line should be. Ichigo got back his Shinigami powers and this time it has even grown and improved.


In Bleach Chapter 458 entitled End of All Bonds we learned that Ginjo was the real enemy. Tsukishima and Ginjo were working all along using their Full Brings to manipulate Ichigo.

Ginjo was using Tsukishimas’s Full Bring “”Book of The End”” to make him an “”ally”” of Ichigo. We saw in Bleach Chapter 458 that Tsukishima was able to stabbed Ginjo, returning him to his original state and thus revealing the true identity of Ginjo.

I’m not really sure if the true intention or motive of Ginjo was to absorbed all of Ichigo’s power or whats left of it. I was not able to read the previous Chapters about the Full Brings and Ginjo. But through Ginjo’s Full Bring he was able to absorbed “”all”” of Ichigo’s powers. Ginjo stabbed Ichigo in the chest absorbing Ichigo’s power.

Ginjo spared his life out of pity when suddenly Ichigo was stabbed by a Zanpakuto from behind! Ichigo saw his father, Kurosaki Isshin and Urahara, thinking that they too were altered by Tsukihima’s full bring.

But it turned out they were not. Isshin told Ichigo to look closely to see who stabbed him, and slowly as Ichigo absorbed the energy from the Zanpakuto he was able to see Rukia again!

Instantly Ichigo regained his Shinigami powers back and starting an epic chapter Bleach 460 entitled Death and Strawberry 2!

As you can see, Ichigo’s Shinigami form looks totally different now. He got this thing on his arm and neck. His Zanpakuto, Zangetsu, looks different too! Zagetsu looks more aggressive in design. I wonder how the old man Zangetsu looks now. I wonder how Ichigo look when he’s in Bankai! I wonder how Ichigo looks when his in Hollowfied form!

Rukia was glad to see Ichigo again after a long time. Suddenly Rukia got mad at Ichigo because he look so pathetic, crying like a sissy. Now that was funny! Feels like the good old Ichigo and Rukia again.

Rukia also explained that the Zanpakuto that she used to stabbed Ichigo was specially made by Urahara to enable them to transfer some of their Shinigami powers to Ichigo. Surprisingly it was not only Rukia who contributed in giving a portion of her power.

Renji, Byakuya, Toushirou, Kenpachi and Yachiru, and Ikkaku suddenly made a grand entrance! Renji explained that it was not Rukia’s power alone, they too contributed and gave a portion of their Shinigami powers.

As you can see above, the guys made a dramatic entrance. All of them have a new look. Ikkaku looks like his a Vice-Captain now. Kenpanchi’s hair looks dirrefent. Toushirou’s kimono looks different. Byakuya’s not wearing the thing on his head (forgot what’s the name of it). Byakuya’s kimono looks different too. I’m not really sure about Renji though. hehe

After the grand entrance, Ginjo could not believe what he saw. He could not believe that Ichigo’s power could have returned after he has aboserbed “”all”” of it. Rukia then explain that what he absorbed was just a very small portion of his powers. What he absorbed was not Ichigo’s real power. Ichigo’s power comes from deep within and no power could take that away from him.

I think the Zanpakuto that Urahara made, although contained different Shinigami powers, was a key to awaken the hidden or dormant Shinigami power that Ichigo had all along. I read in a forum that Kurusaki Isshin also loosed his Shinigami powers after discovering the Final Getsuga Tenshou. Although according to that forum, It took Isshin longer to get back his Shinigami powers.

Rukia then told Ichigo to show Ginjo his real power and no amount of despair could stop Ichigo. Ichigo then unleashed a practice swing which Ginjo thought it was his Getsuga Tenshou.

Ichigo told him it was just a practice swing and showed him a real Getsuga Tenshou. Ichigo unleashed a powerful Reiatsu, powerful for Ginjo, although I think it’s just a normal Getsuga Tenshou from Ichigo’s point of view. He’s not even in Bankai form!

Then Ichigo unleashed “”Getsuga… Tenshou!“” in an oh-so-ever-cool-way of releasing it! Ichigo did not even shout “”Gentsuga Tenshou!””. It was simply cool! Very epic chapter indeed!

I’m not sure that it was a finishing blow that Ichigo gave Ginjo. I think it was powerful enough just to make a significant damage to Ginjo but not a finishing blow. Bleach Chapter 460 could be a new turning point in the story. It’s a beginning of a new saga for Ichigo and the Soul Society, and an end to the Full Bring saga.

Finally this is what I have been waiting for. Ichigo finally got back his Shinigami powers and the Soul Society is also back in the scene. Can’t wait for Bleach Chapter 461 to be released. Bleach Chapter 461 release date is expected to be next week Wednesday or Thursday morning.

So, what do you think guys? Any comments and inputs? Hit the comments below. ^_^

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