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Aizen is Literally Behind This! – Bleach 531 Review

Bleach 531 is now released, and Bleach chapter 531 is entitled Everything But The Rain Op.4. This is really an interesting chapter since we found out that Aizen is, again, “behind” this literally. The mysterious Black hollow that appeared is also different, it looks like it is a Vasto Lorde but Isshin sensed that it is not a Hollow. Its hole is also closed. Is this one of Aizen’s experiment? Please continue reading below.


bleach 531 reviewImage credit: “The Hollow” by NanFe

Bleach 531 Review: Everything But The Rain Op.4

In this chapter, Isshin has faced a enemy he had never encountered before. An enemy that might be connected to the many things that happened since the day that Aizen began his treachery. The mysterious Black Hollow has a hole mark, but according to Isshin it was closed. It has a reiatsu similar to that of a Hollow. But later Isshin sensed something else.

Like Ichigo’s power, this mysterious Black Hollow is also fast, but I think Isshin has the chance of defeating that hollow if not for Aizen interrupting the battle. While the battle was going on, Masaki also sensed the strong reiatsu and she felt that she needs to be there, to save lives. I think this was the last time that she and that Echt Ishida saw each other (sorry forgot his name).

After a while, Isshin realized that he is not fighting a hollow. According to him that’s not how a Menos would fight. Note: I’m note sure if they already faced a Vasto Lorde at this point in time, but perhaps they already did. Isshin realized that the Black Hollow is something different, something off the record. And just when he was about to kick the ass of the Black Hollow using his “Burn Engestu” technique, Aizen and his gang appeared from behind. Aizen slashed Isshin form behind leaving a critical damage on his body.

Just like what I said, Aizen was literally behind this again. All this time, the whole Bleach manga series just revolved around the treachery of Aizen, and his experiments, I think even Ichigo is part of Aizen’s experiment. My guess is after Aizen slashed Isshin, they might have gotten away together with the Black Hollow.

I’m not really sure if Isshin will discover that Aizen is behind all this. I think not, because if indeed Isshin found out about Aizen’s plan, then his treachery might have been exposed a long time ago. But that’s not the case. Aizen was still one of the captain for many years after.

Another theory is that the Black Hollow could be one of Aizen’s experiment, and it might be a Vaizard after all. One thing still bothers me, if the Black Hollow got away after Aizen slashed him from behind, how did it reappeared in Ichigo?! Did Aizen do something to Isshin like implant the Black Hollow in him?

What do you think guys? What are your theories?

Definitely we’ll find out more on the succeeding chapters. And hopefully they would change the title for Bleach 532.



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