Check Out This Cool Transparent iPhone 4 Kit

Got an iPhone 4? This Transparent iPhone 4 Kit from China will sure make you drool (I think ^_^). Usually iPhones comes in white, black or metallic casing.


Here we have a 9 month old iPhone 4 with a transparent casing. A Chinese manufacturer, I don’t know which one, offers to replace existing iPhone 4 casing with a transparent one. For some it may look cool, specially those who like to see the internals, but for some they would still prefer the more professional and elegant look of the iPhone 4.

The only problem is “possible “less than Gorilla” glass strength and transparent glass letting in light for degraded picture quality (same issue with orig. white iPhone 4)”

Click on the transparent iPhone 4 kit images below to view full sizes.
transparent iphone 4 kit



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