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Published on January 21st, 2012

TechPowerUp has released GPU-Z 0.5.8 which supports the latest video cards today. GPU-Z is a diagnostic and information tool, just like CPU-Z, that gives you accurate information regarding your graphics card(s) installed in your computer system. GPU-Z monitors VRAM, gpu clock speeds, fan speeds, voltages and more, in real-time.


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So what’s new in GPU-Z 0.5.8?

There are two new features present in GPU-Z 0.5.8. The first feature is a render test that applies sufficient load on the GPU to pull it our of PCI-Express link-state power-management. This ensures the Bus information is accurate. If you click the “?” button, GPU-Z launch the load test and corrects the information.

The second new feature found in GPU-Z 0.5.8 is the ASIC quality. This was specifically designed for AMD Radeon HD 7800 series and above, and NVIDIA Fermi (GF10X and GF11x) graphics cards.

Below is a full list of changes:

  • Added explanation about PCI-Express power savings and 3D render test to accurately measure bus config under load
  • Added function to display ASIC quality for Fermi and Southern Islands. (Located in the GPU-Z system menu)
  • Fixed crash on older ATI cards
  • Added voltage monitoring for HD 7970
  • Improved real-time clock monitoring for HD 7970
  • Fixed OpenCL detection for AMD Antilles, Whistler, Seymour, Blackcomb
  • Improved default clock reading for AMD HD 7970 and Fusion
  • Added support for AMD FirePro V7900, HD 6930, HD 7690M, HD 6410D
  • Fixed Intel Sandy Bridge IGP to be DirectX 10.1, 32 nm
  • Added support for NVIDIA Tesla C2075, GeForce GT 630M

You can download TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z 0.5.8 here.
If prefer the ASUS ROG Themed GPU-Z 0.5.8, download it here.



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