root myphone a919i duo

How To Root MyPhone A919i Duo

I’m sure there are tons of people who bought the new MyPhone A919i Duo. Now that you have your brand new Android phone, what should you do next? Some of you might definitely want to root your phone and install other useful apps and tools like Custom recovery.


root myphone a919i duo

How To Root MyPhone A919i Duo?

Before you proceed, let me just remind you that rooting your MyPhone A919i Duo is potentially dangerous and could permanently brick (damaged) your phone. Specially if you don’t know what you are doing. I won’t be responsible for any damages that will happen to your phone, and it is purely up to you if you want to try this or not.

I haven’t tried this since I do not have an A919i Duo, but according to Symbianize forum member, C0re, its working for him. You will need to download additional files and drivers. He said you might be needing Micromax A116 drivers, for phones that are using the same MTK6589 chipset. Below are the instructions on how to root your MyPhone A919i Duo:

1. Enable USB Debugging on the phone.
2. Download and unrar the file. Extract anywhere. Refer to the original thread here.
You might want to uninstall any currently installed A919i and ADB drivers before installing PDAnet, but this is optional only.
3. Install PDAnet, connecting the phone when prompted. (this is to install necessary drivers)
4. In the “motochopper” folder, execute “run.bat” (run as admin if needed).
5. The phone will automatically reboot. Done.
*You can uninstall PDAnet if you don’t need it.
*This will uninstall a very outdated version of SuperSU. Update SuperSU thru Play Store.

There you go, hope this would work on your MyPhone A919i Duo as well.

Credits to: Core of Symbianize and Mr. Vince Jorvina (member of facebook Myphone a919i duo group)



4 responses to “How To Root MyPhone A919i Duo”

  1. Quite alright with the ads, gotta survive one way or another xD. Thanks for the guide, I’ll make sure that I follow it by the dot when my ma buys it. ‘Tis my first time to be impressed by an Android phone through a local brand, and this comes from an Apple-head :))).

  2. Sir, pano mag root ng myphone a919 3D Duo patulong namn sir

    1. Hi Sam, I don’t have an A919 3D Duo, but I’ll try to find a rooting guide for this one.

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