Bleach Chapter 536: Everything but the Rain Op.9 (Released)

Published on May 1st, 2013

Bleach Chapter 536 is now available. up next. In this chapter, we are expecting to see Isshin saving Masaki’s existence from the hollow that infected her body. Ryuuken was hesitant about Urahara’s plan, but it’s the only way to save Masaki. Can Isshin save Masaki? Of course he will, and the result is Ichigo. But let’s find out in Bleach chapter 536 how exactly Isshin saved Masaki.


UPDATE: Bleach 536 is now available.
UPDATE: For those who are asking when is Bleach 536 release date, there is not Bleach 536 this week. Bleach chapter 536 release date will be next week since it’s Golden Week in Japan and there’s no shonen jump. Please share.

bleach 536 Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist Sensational-X

Bleach Chapter 536 Spoiler and Prediction

Last chapter we learned that there is only one way how to save Masaki. And that is by injecting Isshin to Masaki, well not literally. Ryuuken has no chance of saving her by himself. They are both Quincy, so he is not qualified to save Masaki. Only Isshin can do that, or probably another shinigami. So the only one who can really save her is Isshin, and he has to stay with Masaki until she dies. And we all know that by now.

So that’s how Isshin took advantage of Masaki and created Ichigo, while in a butt naked state. Lol Just kidding. Now we know why Ryuuken didn’t end up with Masaki, instead she ended up with Isshin. Isshin’s soul is preventing the hollow from consuming Masaki from the inside. Isshin left Soul Society because of Masaki and he is where he is right now because of that event.

Most probably Ichigo got his powers and was able to do hollowfication because of Masaki’s condition. That explains everything. Hopefully the next chapter will be the last of this whole revelation thing cause we want to get back to the main story already, and move on.

Oh, by the way, if Masaki could do Hollowfication, I wonder how will a Quincy in hollowfied form will look like? A shinigami in hollowfied form is called Vizard, what about Masaki’s case?

So now that we know that Ichigo is a product of a mixed up reatsu, hopefully he can regain his strength and confidence back. But Isshin’s story didn’t revealed to us what is Masaki’s connection with Juha. I guess Isshin didn’t knew anything about Juha, and the only shinigami who knows about him is non other than ex-Captain Commander Genryusai Yamamoto. Oh, I think Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi also knows something about Juha.

Anyway, I’ll post update if ever I spotted a confirmed Bleach chapter 536 spoiler or if someone contributed a spoiler. But definitely I’ll update this post once Bleach 536 manga chapter is released.


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