Intel Core i7-3960X vs Core i7-990X: A 47% faster benchmark

Intel Core i7-3960x is 47% faster compared to Core i7-990X

Leaked Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition presentation slides revealed that it is 47% faster than the current Core i7-990X on average. The Core i7-3960X was designed to be the top of the line processor for the upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge-E that features socket LGA2011.

Intel Core i7-990X extreme edition was built for the current socket LGA 1366 that features X58 chipset. This line will come to an end this year and will be replaced with Intel X79 chipset and the Sandy Bridge-E with socket LGA2011.

Intel Core i7-3960X Processor Extreme Edition features a 15M Cache, clock speeds of 3.30GHz and 6C/12T. The benchmark and application performance tools used were Cinebench 11.5, ProShow Gold 4.5, 3DMark 11 and POV-Ray 3.7.

Based on the graphs below, Core i7-3960X performs 47% faster on average compared to the current Core i7-990X.

intel core i7 3960x benchmark

intel core i7 3960x vs i7 990x extreme edition processors

Of course the graphs above and the benchmark are done by Intel, so it might be geared towards promoting the i7-3960x and to impress the users. Later when the processors comes out, real benchmarks from enthusiasts would come out. Let’s just wait for those. But, nevertheless, the i7-3960X Extreme Edition is expected to performance faster than the current i7-990X.

The Sandy Bridge-E line up together with the Core i7 3960X, Core i7 3930K and Quad Core 3820 are expected to launch late of 2011 or early of 2012. I bet this will be released in response to AMD’s FX-Series, Bulldozers and Llano processors.

intel core i7-3960x extreme edition

Source: TechPowerUp and VR-Zone.



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