Intel Core i7-980 Six-Core Processor Released: Specs and Price Available

Intel Core i7-980 Six-Core Processor Released and Priced

Intel has already launched and released its new high-end processor for the LGA1366 platform, the Intel Core i7-980 Six-core processor. This is the non-extreme version of Core i7-980X and higher than Core i7-975 processor.


intel core i7-980 six core processor specs and priceIntel Core i7-980, not to be confused with Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition, is actually the little brother of Core i7-980X Extreme Edition. The Core i7-980 with a serial of BX80613I7980 is the non-extreme version. It’s BClk multiplier is lock at 25.0x, has 12 threads and a TDP of 130W.

Core i7-980 features a clock speed of 3.33GHz which can go up to 3.60Ghz with the help of Turbo Boost technology. This new Intel six-core processor has its QPI running at 4.80 GT/s, while Core i7-980X Extreme Edition has a QPI speed of 6.40GT/s. If HyperThreading is enabled, the Core i7-980 can provide a 12 logical CPU. Core i7 also features a 256KB dedicated L2 cache per core and a 12MB L3 cache.

Intel Core i7-980 is based a 32nm chip and based on Westmere silicon and is built for socket LGA1366 six-core motherboard. Intel Core i7-980X is priced at around $999 while it’s little brother Core i7-980 is only priced at $583 USD which is way cheaper compared to it’s big brother. Even if it has a lock multiplier, Core i7-980 can be a beast itself.

Here’s a quick Intel Core i7-980 specs (BX80613I7980):
Name: Intel Core i7-980
Socket: LGA1366
Product Code: BX80613I7980
Microarchitecture: Westmere
Architecture: Nehalem
Manufacturing Process: 32nm, 1170 million transistors
Number of Cores: 6
Number of Threads: 12
Clock Speed: 3.33Ghz
QPI: 4.80GT/s
L2 Cache: 256KB per core (6 cores)
L3 Cache: 12MB
Clock Multiplier: 25.9x (locked)
TDP: 130W

  • MMX instruction set
  • SSE
  • SSE2
  • SSE3
  • Supplemental SSE3
  • SSE4.1
  • SSE4.2
  • AES instructions
  • EM64T technology
  • Execute Disable bit
  • Hyper-Threading technology
  • Virtualization technology
  • Turbo Boost Technology

Low power features: Enhanced SpeedStep technology
On-chip peripherals:

  • Integrated 3-channel DDR3 SDRAM Memory controller
  • Quick Path Interconnect

Price: Around $583 USD



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