iPod Touch 5th Generation and iPod Nano 7th Generation Officially Unveiled!

A lot of people are really excited about the Apple’s event held earlier ago, since they have announced new gadgets for us. Aside from the unveiling of the new iPhone 5, Apple has also introduced the 5th Generation iPod Touch and 7th Generation iPod Nano. Like the iPhone 5, both these media players are also improved from their previous generations.


iPod Nano 7th Generation

First let’s talk about the iPod Nano 7th Generation. The iPod Nano 7th Gen is like a really tiny iPhone. It has a thickness of 5.4mm and has a display of 2.5 inch widescreen that now features Multitouch function. The volume, play/pause and forward/back button is located at the left side of the new iPod Nano. It also has a home button like the iPhone.

The 7th Generation iPod Nano features a built-in FM tuner with live pause. It now comes with BlueTooth functionality and longer battery life. It comes in 7 different colors as well. Like the iPhone 5, it also features the Lightning connector.

Not much to talk about the new iPod Nano, now let’s move on to the new iPod Touch.

iPod Touch 5th Generation

The new iPod Touch 5th Generation is built with more and improved features. If you like the 4th generation, then you would definitely want to have the 5th generation.

The new iPod Touch is just 6.1mm thin, almost as thin as the 7th gen iPod Nano. It’s made out of anodized aluminum and is also the lightest iPod Touch ever. It weighs only 88 grams.

The iPod Touch 5th gen’s display is also enlarge, it features a 4-inch Retina display like the iPhone 5 has. It is powered by an A5 chip (dual core processor), making it 2x faster than its predecessors.

The new iPod Touch is now built with a better camera, with Apple’s iSight camera featuring 5 megapixel sensor, backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, Five-element lens, f/2.4 aperture, autofocus, LED flash and Sapphire crystal. According to Apple, the new iPod Touch’s camera would rival that of a point of shoot camera.

Aside from that, the iPod Touch 5th generation is capable of 1080p HD video recording, has improved wireless connectivity; BlueTooth 4.0 LE, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n (dual band) and features AirPlay mirroring. Apple has also added Siri on the new iPod Touch. It’s just like the iPhone 5.

Price and Availability

So now, how much do these new gadgets cost? The iPod shuffle 2GB is priced at $49, while the iPod Nano 7th generation 16GB is priced at $149. For the iPod Touch 5th generation, the 32GB is priced at $299, while the 64GB is priced at $399. Both the new iPod Nano and new iPod Touch will be available starting October 2012.

Photo courtesy: The Verge and GDGT.



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