Mozilla Firefox for Tablets will make you happy

Mozilla Firefox for Tablets will be available soon!

The Mozilla Mobile Team has been working hard to make the Firefox for Tablets full with awesomeness. Team Mozilla Mobile has just shown some quick preview of what they are doing right now.

firefox for tablets running on android 2.3 honeycomb

Firefox users can now enjoy Firefox on their tablet with the new and upcoming tablet-optimized Firefox for tablets. This app is an “evolution” of its phone-based predecessor, Firefox for Phones.

Of course, Firefox for tablets will come in with new great features and enhancements to take advantage of the tablet’s screen size.

According to the team, Firefox will look good on android 3.0 and they made sure that Firefox will still be using their “signature” traits found in a Firefox web browser.

firefox for honeycomb tablets

Firefox for tablets will be using the same tabbed menu so that users can quickly access menus such as bookmarks, history and the likes.

The team also mentioned that they have incorporated the good stuff that they have removed from Firefox for Phones due to the limited size of a smartphone. But because we are talking about tablets here, with more spaces to play with, the team has decided to incorporate all the good stuff back.

I’m a Firefox user and can’t wait to see the Firefox for Tablets in action.

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  1. just give me the tablet and I will be happy even w/o FF.Nice for…

    1.  Avatar

      Hahaha Correct! I hope there will be a Android Tablet giveaway or promo for bloggers just like the LG Optimus 2X and Black.

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