overclock hp touchpad to 1.9GHz

How to overclock your HP Touchpad to 1.9Ghz on Both Cores!

This guide will help you overclock your HP Touchpad from 1.2GHz to 1.9GHz

Did you grab an HP Touchpad just recently for $99 or $100 USD only? Then you might want to overclock your HP TouchPad. A member of XDA-Developers forum named amirborna has just shown us a guide on how to overclock your HP Touchpad to 1.9Ghz on both cores.


overclock hp touchpad to 1.9GHz

This overclocking guide is easy to follow. But be warned, overclock at your own risk! A video version of this guide is also available below. But it is suggested that you follow the text version first.

Warning: Overclock at your own risk! Although amirborna and other HP Touchpad owners have overclock their HP Touch to 1.9GHz, there is no telling what could it do to your unit. We will not be responsible if your HP Touchpad becomes brick and for any damage to your HP Touchpad. Do this at your own risk!

HP Touchpad overclocking guide:

1. Update your webOS to the latest version. Latest version is : 3.0.2
Bring up your menu > settings > System Updates > make sure it is fully updated

2. Connect your HP Touchpad to your computer VIA USB. Make sure “USB Drive” mode is not activated. You want to only be on CHARGE mode. Click the USB icon on top and get out of USB Drive mode if it is in USB drive mode

3. Now, on the HP Touchpad’s main screen, you will see a search box in the top middle of your screen. Inside of it, it says “Just type…” … Inside of this box, type in the following using the on screen keyboard : webos20090606 . Now tap ON and turn it on. It will now ask you for a password. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN THE PASSWORD FIELD. Leave it blank. Failure to do this will lead you to using webOS Doctor to fully reset your HP Touchpad!

4. Now it is time to install HP webOS Quick Install. Click here to install WebOS Quick Install.
This is a .jar file. It requires java to already be installed on your computer. Download Jave here.

5. Make sure your HP Touchpad is not in USB Drive mode. If it isn’t, webOS Quick Install will quickly install a driver for your HP Touchpad. Allow it to do this. After installing the driver, WebOS Quick Install will now recognize your device. To know it is recognized, under “Device”, “HP Touchpad” will be greyed out. Use this picture as a reference.

If HP Touchpad is not showing up try these : Restart your computer, double check to make sure you are not in USB Drive mode, and then ultimately try a different USB Port on your computer and recheck all the connections

Now hit the Globe Icon on the WebOS Quick Install program on your computer. This will bring up a bunch of applications that you can install. Search for PREWARE under the application list. High-lite it and click on the Install button.

6. Now grab your HP Touchpad, open up your applications menu and click on Downloads tab at the top, and search for PREWARE. Now with PREWARE open, tab PREWARE on top. On the drop down menu, choose Manage Feeds.

At the bottom of this menu, you will see NEW FEED. There are a few things you want to add here. You will need to type the name of the feed EXACTLY like how it is below. Also, you want to add the URL EXACTLY the same as well.

Lets start with the first one.

webos-testing-all = http://ipkg.preware.org/feeds/webos-internals/testing/allLeave the IS COMPRESSED toggled on.

Once everything is typed in perfectly, hit ADD FEED. It may ask you a disclaimer. Choose wisely. Once you have added the first one, now it is time to add the second one.

webos-testing-armv7 = http://ipkg.preware.org/feeds/webos-internals/testing/armv7Leave the IS COMPRESSED toggled on.

Again it might give you a disclaimer. Choose wisely. Now when you have added these two feeds, go back to the main page of the PREWARE application using the back arrow. Now hit List Everything from the main menu options.
You want to find and download Govnah. You may need to scroll down a bit to find this. If you cannot find it, use the magnifying glass on the top right hand corner to type out Govnah. When you find Govnah, hit Install

Allow Govnah to install. Once it has installed, hold down the power button on your HP Touchpad and once prompted, hit Device Restart

7. Once the device has restarted, open up PREWARE. Lets add another feed. If you do not know how to add another feed, re-read the previous steps on how to add another feed.

Those using experimental kernels *must* follow the 6 rules at Testing Feeds – WebOS Internals

webos-kernels-testing = http://preware.is.awesome.com/Leave the IS COMPRESSED toggled on.

Now hit add feed. It may give you the disclaimer just like before. Choose wisely. NOW BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE, A RESTART IS REQUIRED. Hold down the power button until prompted for a restart and allow the Touchpad to restart.

8. Once the Touchpad has restarted, open up Preware again. Now tap PREWARE on the top left corner of the application, and then hit “Update Feeds”. Allow PREWARE to update its feeds.
If this fails or has any errors, you either mistyped the name, the URL, or did not immediately restart after adding a new feed. Follow directions!

9. After it has finished updating the feeds, on the main menu of PREWARE, tab List of Everything. Under List of Everything , find F15C Eagle (Touchpad). This is the Kernel that you will use to overclock your HP Touchpad. You are almost done! Install this kernel. After installing, IMMEDIATELY restart your HP Touchpad!

10. Once your HP Touchpad is restarted, you should be overclocked!

Now through the app called Govnah which you already installed, you can modify your clock rating on your processor and other settings that can significantly improve your performance. For the sake of this guide, we will leave these settings alone to prevent harm to our HP Touchpads . I strongly recommend you NOT to mess with any settings inside of Govnah.

Now here’s the video version of HP Touchpad 1.9Ghz overclock guide:

If incase you bricked your HP Touchpad for whatsoever reason, you can use HP WebOS Doctor to fix and restore your HP Touchpad. You can visit HP WebOS Doctor starting here. You might also want to read this guide on recovery.

Source: XDA-developers



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  1. hey have you found an app that can play hd 720p mkv video files that can support multiple audio tracks as well as multiple subtitles? I want to be able to watch my anime collection on the Touchpad…but can’t find a media player app that can play them correctly without conversion needed.

    1.  Avatar

      Unfortunately I was not able to grab an HP TouchPad. Have you tried running an android OS to your HP Touchpad? I think an android app has what you are looking for

      1. I have a problem adding the feeds. It says obsolete error and people are telling me to read the rules. I don’t understand what I am suppose to do from there so I can get rid of this error to be able to add the feed. Please help me!

        1.  Avatar

          Did you try to overclock your touchpad or not? What feeds are you taking about? If you have encounter any problems after OCing, I suggest you restore it back to its default. Like I said OCing may give your unit unexpected results.

  2. Ho_duc_hiep Avatar

    I could not find f15c eagle

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