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Naruto 661 Release Date – Kurama’s Plan

Naruto chapter 661 is the first and next Naruto Shippuden Manga chapter to be released this January 2014. It is the first chapter of the year, and a lot of Naruto readers are already asking when would Naruto 661 be released. To answer that question, there was no official announcement as to Naruto 661 release date. The shonen jump is not on a week break, but they are on a holiday break which is observed every new year, and usually the break lasts for two to three weeks. So don’t worry guys, Naruto chapter 661 would probably resume by January 15, or the 22nd would be the least date expected. I’m sure you are excited to see if Kurama got really captured by Madara or not, and what did Kurama told to Gaara. Kurama has a plan, probably a plan to help the tailed beasts from escaping Madara’s chains. Will Kurama be consumed by Madara? Will Naruto and Gaara find a way to save him? Let’s find out in the next Naruto manga chapter, Naruto 661.


naruto 661 release dateImage credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist HikariNoGiri

Naruto 661 Prediction

In the last episode of Naruto manga series, Madara decided to go after the one tailed beast first, but in the turn of events, Kurama was the one to get pulled in. Naruto was ejected from inside Kurama and Kurama is about to be absorb by the Gedo Mazou. But Kurama was able to relay a message to Gaara. Kurama asked something that Gaara must do. But we don’t really know what was his favor. My guess is that it has something to do on how to stop Madara from capturing all the tailed beast. Or it could be a plan on how to get Kurama out if ever he got absorb by Madara.

Madara looks like he is playing with his targets. I think it doesn’t really matter if which tailed beast would he capture first. But it would be an advantage to him if he got the nine tailed beast first, since Kurama is the most powerful of all the tailed beast. This is really getting exciting guys and I will follow the following chapters to come.

Naruto 661 Release Date

Once again, Naruto 661 release date could be by January 15 or it could be released by January 22. Until then, you won’t be expecting any Naruto 661 spoilers to be released anytime soon. Most of them are only predictions, since spoilers are released a day before the chapter is released. I’ll update this post or post a new article when Naruto chapter 661 is released. Stay tuned!



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