Naruto Chapter 578: A Weakness of Despair!

Naruto Chapter 578 is the next chapter in Naruto Shippuden Manga series. A lot of things happened in the previous chapter. Things got messy last chapter and it will definitely get even messier in Naruto 578. Highlighted characters in Naruto 578 are most probably Tsunade, Madara, Itachi and Sasuke. Naruto Chapter 578 spoiler to follow.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 578 is now available. It is entitled A Weakness of Despair! You can now read Naruto 578.

UPDATE 2: Just as I expected, Tsunade was able to dodge or counter Madara’s attack.
UPDATE 3:Wow! Madara can multiply like Naruto! It’s a 5 vs 1 match. 5 Madara for each Kage!

UPDATE 4:In the last pages, Sasuke and Itachi joined forces to fight Kabuto.

First thing, Tsunade has revealed her Byakugou “”The Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu””. According to Madara, she’s slower than Raikage but stronger. Tsunade’s punching power smashed Madara, and was immediately sealed by Gaara.

Unfortunately, Madara used Hashirama’s Mokuton Clone Jutsu and was able to stab Tsunade. My hunch about Madara obtaining Hashirama’s power was right. He could definitely become invincible and no combined powers might stop him, unless Kabuto stops the Edo Tensei.

Do you think Tsunade will die? I’m guessing that she will be save because of her Byakugou.

Now Itachi finally reached Kabuto, but according to Kabuto the only way to stop the Edo Tensei is for him to stop it. Even his death will not stop the Edo Tensei.

But Sasuke followed Itachi to wear Kabuto was. What do you think would happen? This is getting interesting. Will Itachi and Sasuke have a battle? Or will they work together to stop the Edo Tensei, but I guess the later is far fetched. Or will they end up like the image below. ^_^

Let’s find out in Naruto Chapter 578. Naruto 578 spoiler is not available yet.
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