Naruto Chapter 577: Sword of Hatred

Naruto Chapter 577 is up next and Tsunade is going to show Madara her Will of Fire. There is nothing much happened in the previous chapter. More on talking and no fighting. Naruto Chapter 577 spoiler is currently unavailable. I’m still waiting for Naruto chapter 577 raw scans to show up.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 577 or Naruto 577 is now available. It is entitled Sword of Hatred!
UPDATE 2: Tsunade has just revealed her “”Byakugou”” The Mitotic Regeneration Jutsu!

Sasuke encountered his brother Itachi and have a short chit chat. Unfortunately Itachi was in a hurry and doesn’t have the time to play with Sasuke. I think that Sasuke still hopes that he and his brother would go back to their normal lives but I’m sure a fight between them might be unavoidable. Itachi is hurrying to stop Katubo and his Edo Tensei or Impure World Resurrection. Kabuto might be fighting Itachi later.

We are back again to Madara and the five kage. It seems that the first Hogake Hashirama is embedded on Madara’s body. This looks like the same technique Orichimaru was using. And this could be what Kabuto meant by making Madara better than he was in his prime.

I’m sure Madara will unleash something in Naruto Chapter 577. Madara considered Tsunade as weak because she can not use Mokuton and Tsunade’s healing capabilities is not even near that of the first Hokage’s power.

I wonder what will Tsunade do to Madara and how will she show her “”Will of Fire””. I’m sure that Tsunade alone is no match for Madara, specially now that he has been modified and he got the first hokage in his body.

My theory is, Madara having Hashirama in his body, he could probably use the same technique that the first hokage can do. Madara could probably use Hashirama’s healing technique without breaking a sweat.

Let’s just wait for Naruto Chapter 577 spoiler to come out. Or better yet let’s just wait for Naruto 577 to come out. I’m pretty sure things will get messy in the next chapter. Hopefully we will see some action in the next chapter.

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