unroot samsung galaxy w i8150

How to Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy W i8150

Rooting Samsung Galaxy W i8150 or Galaxy Wonder is easy. Same with unrooting it. This article with guide you on how to root Samsung GALAXY W i8150 and how to Unroot it. Before you continue, I advice you to read the warnings first.


unroot samsung galaxy w i8150

Before we begin, what is Rooting and why we root Samsung Galaxy W? Rooting means getting access to its file system which is not typically accessible. By rooting your Samsung Galaxy Wonder, you could further customize your phone or access files and information which you could not regularly do.

WARNING: Rooting your Samsung GALAXY W i8150 causes a violation of the guarantee policy of Samsung and will void the warranty. It may also cause your phone to brick or not function anymore. I will not be held responsible or liable for any damages it may result to your phone. Root at your own risk!

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There are actually three known methods how you can Root your Galaxy W i8150, but I will just show you the easiest one.

How to Root your Samsung Galaxy Wonder i8150

1. Download update.zip here You will need this file to root your phone.

2. Do not extract the file. Connect your Galaxy W i8150 to your computer and copy the update.zip to your phone’s SD card.

3. After copying the file, completely turn off your phone.

4. Turn On your phone again, BUT this time press Volume Up + Home Button + Power button all together and wait for the Android with the box logo to appear. This will enter Recovery Menu

5. Once in Recovery Menu, choose apply update from sdcard using the volume up and down as scroll and home button as enter key.

6. Find and choose the download update.zip and confirm using home button.

7. Wait until it finishes updating and reboot your phone.

8. Congrats! You have root your Samsung Galaxy W i8150.

To check if you’re phone is rooted, look for the SuperUser app (icon).

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy W i8150

1. To unroot your phone, simply download the unroot.zip here

2. After you have downloaded the file, copy it to your phone’s micro SD and simply do the same procedures above.

That’s it! You’re phone should be unrooted and the SuperUser icon should now be removed.

Remember root Samsung Galaxy W i8150 at your own risk!




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