Bleach Chapter 503: Wrath as a Lightning

Bleach chapter 503 is next. Unfortunately Bleach 503 was not released last week because Kubo got really sick and did not make in time for its released. Hopefully Bleach 503 will be released this week. We are expecting that Kenpachi will do something cool on Bleach chapter 503 or perhaps we will see Byakuya’s final moments. Meanwhile…


UPDATE2: Bleach chapter 503 is now available! It was released earlier than expected. Finally we get to see Kenpachi in action! You can now read this chapter on popular manga sites online.

In the previous chapter, Renji’s Bankai was almost stolen by the enemy too. But some big guy appeared and interrupted Renji from using it. The enemy who stole Byakuya’s Bankai could use Zenbonzakura, and she used it to defeat him. I could not believe it that Kubo would actually go and kill a main character. I’m not really sure if Byakuya could have survived that or could even be revived soon but from the looks of it, it seems that his already dead.

If Byakuya is really dead, I guess this is because its Bleach’s final arc and Bleach manga is nearing its end soon. Somebody has to die sooner or later and things are getting serious from now. It’s just sad to see Byakuya, a popular main character, die. I mean it could have been somebody else.

Meanwhile, Kenpanchi was able to defeat a Quincy since he is using raw power. He doesn’t have a bankai on the first place for the enemy to steal. But despite his brute force, can he stand a chance against the so-called King of the Vandenreich? Or Kenpachi would also die in the final arc?

I hope Ichigo would escape Hueco Mundo soon. It’s taking him too long. At this rate, he won’t be able to save anybody in Soul Society. My theory on why Ichigo’s bankai could not be stolen is, remember the time when he used the Final Getsuga Tenshou? He somehow merged with Zangetsu, making him the bankai itself. Perhaps that is the reason why the Quincy could not steal Ichigo’s bankai, because there is no Zangetsu or bankai to steal at the first place. What do you think?

Anyway, I’ll update this post once Bleach 503 spoiler or raw scans are available or Bleach chapter 503 itself is released. Hopefully it will be released this week. Stay tuned!



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