Read Naruto Chapter 563 Spoiler – The Five Kage vs Madara Uchiha!!!

Naruto Chapter 563 : Spoilers – The Ultimate Team (Tsunade, Oonoki, A, Mei Terumi and Gaara) vs Madara Uchiha! An epic battle!

Naruto Chapter 563 is expected to be an epic chapter. In this chapter the Five Kage(s), namely Tsunade, Oonoki, A, Terumi Mei and Gaara, will form the “”Ultimate Team”” to face and fight Madara Uchiha. We all have witness the power of Madara. He has unleashed powerful attacks one after another. And yet, he’s not even tired yet!


During the previous Naruto Chapter, Madara unleashed his Judai Koutan, a wood release technique which Naruto was able to stop. Unfortunately Naruto used up most the chakra given to him by Kyubi.

Did you notice that whenever Madara cast a jutsu, it’s always at the maximum power? Like Katon Menkyaku, the meteor-like attack (which I do not know what he calls it), Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and Judai Koutan. It’s like his a Supah Saiyan-jin!

It seems that Madara and Oonoki has a past to settle with. Oonoki intends to seal Madara but obviously he could not do it alone. Meanwhile Tsunade and A (Raikage) decided to rush in to the battlefield. They knew that their Shinobis are no match for the power of Madara. I mean look at this guy, it’s like he has infinite Chakra. Madara is not even tired after casting all those powerful jutsu.

A (Raikage) and Tsunade used the Teleport Transfer Technique to teleport themselves where Madara is. But Tsunade has to release the seal in her forehead to survive the teleportation. Mei Terumi also teleported to join the battle using their instant teleportation technique.

They were originally planning to use the Flying Thunder God Technique (created by Minato Namikaza). I wonder what Tsunade meant when she said “”We’ll save the Flying Thunder God Technique for Him””? Who was she referring to, Madara? And if it’s Madara, where does she intend to teleport him? Hmm….

As Madara and Mu/Kabuto were about to attack, A and Tsunade suddenly appeared between them, cancelling their attack. Tsunade used her Yin Seal Release Ninja Art Genesis Rebirth to survive the teleportation.

Then poof! All the five Kage, “”The Ultimate Team“”, where their to face Madara. Hmm.. the ultimate team reminds me of the Power Rangers, and the other 5 man team with 3 boys and 2 girls in Japanese action series. hehehe

Anyway, Naruto Chapter 563 will definitely be an epic battle. Will Madara take them all or will he temporarily retreat? But I doubt that would happen. The end is getting near. It seems that the five kage will face Madara and Muu, Itachi went off to stop Kabuto, and the only thing left is Naruto to face Sasuke.

Naruto Chapter 563 release date will most probably be by Wednesday, its usual time. Naruto Manga 563 English scans will be available after Naruto Chapter 563 raw are translated.



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