Naruto Chapter 595 – Chaps

Naruto chapter 595 is up next, and the fight we have all been waiting for is going to happen. Naruto vs Tobi or the Masked Man or whoever he is. The next issue will have a colored cover. Naruto 595 spoilers will come out before the chapter is released. Meanwhile…


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 595 is now available. This chapter is entitled “”Chaps””. Naruto is going to fight Tobi. The match the we have been all waiting for is about to begin! You can now read this chapter on popular manga sites.

Finally we are back to where Naruto is, I am beginning to think that Kishi almost forgotten about Naruto, and for the past chapters it was all about Sasuke. I guess those chapters should be entitled “”Sasuke Shippuden Manga Series””. ^_^

It seems that this Tobi character is not only an idiot but insane as well. Whoever he is or whatever his reasons or past experience that made him want to revive the 10 Tails (thru the Mazou) and Use Infinite Tsukuyomi, I still think that it is an insane idea to make all people mindless. I’m very sure that will not happen and Kishi won’t allow it. Because if that happens…. what’s the point of reading this manga if its ending sucks, right?

I have a strong feeling that Tobi’s identity will be revealed soon. Naruto has to go through and beat Tobi first before he can try and destroy the Mazou.

I wonder what Sasuke and Orochimaru are doing in another part of the world. They were on a mission to go to this person who knew everything. And the only person I know who knew everything is non other than… Kishi himself!

Well, let’s just wait for Tobi to be unmasked first. The succeeding chapters, starting with Naruto chapter 595, will be epic chapters again. I’ll post update once Naruto 595 spoiler or raw scans are available. Stay tuned!



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