official Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover

Essential Accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 N5100 is Samsung’s 8-inch tablet which was recently released a few months ago. The tablet not only offers a larger display compared to the Galaxy Tab 7, but it also features what a Galaxy Note 2 has to offer. Just like any smartphone or android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also has accessories to protect it from everyday use. Below are some of official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 accessories that you should definitely consider getting one, if your tablet doesn’t have a cover yet.


Screen Protectors

Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector

First on the list is the Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector. Just like any other mobile device, it is important that you install a screen protector, to protect the display of the Note 8 from scratches. Just remember that installing a screen protector is a bit tricky. You should thoroughly clean the surface of the Note 8 and make sure that there are no dust anything left on the surface to prevent bubbles. If you haven’t done this before, I suggest you let someone who has installed a screen protector do it for you instead.

Book Cover and Sleeves

official Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover

After getting a screen protector, make sure you also get a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case. GearZap has a collection of official Galaxy Note 8 cases. The most basic and widely used is the Official Galaxy Note 8.0 Book Cover. It protects your Note 8 front and back, at the same time serves as a stand when you want to view something in landscape position.

official Galaxy Note 8.0 Pouch Stand

There’s also the Official Galaxy Note 8.0 Pouch Stand. It’s not a book cover or a flip cover case. Instead it’s a slim pouch were you can store your Note 8. Plus it can also serve as a stand for the Note 8.

Mofi Android Design 8 inch Tablet Sleeve

Then we have the Mofi Android Design 8″ Tablet Sleeve. It is somewhat similar to the pouch stand, except that it is cheaper. But you can not use it as a stand. It just offers a safe storage for your Galaxy Note 8.

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