zippykid vs wp engine

ZippyKid vs WP Engine: The Better and Faster Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you are one of the WordPress site owners or bloggers who like to choose among the available managed WordPress hosting solutions, reading this ZippyKid vs WP Engine comparison can help you finalize your decision. Below are the key ideas to determine the winner between ZippyKid and WP Engine.


zippykid vs wp engine

ZippyKid vs WP Engine


In terms of speed, both solutions can speed up the loading time of your site. However, WP Engine is the winner in this category due to the fact that it offers automatic caching without charging you for anything. When compared to other hosting solution in the market, this feature typically comes with a pricey fee, but with WP Engine, it comes for free as it uses an advanced technology which would speed up your website to offer convenience to your viewers. According to other user who compared their speeds, ZippyKid just comes in second.


Both the Managed WordPress Hosting ZippyKid and WP Engine services come with competitive prices. But, many are favored with the price offered by WP Engine because it is cheap and their services include additional cutting edge security and various features. ZippyKid’s services are also costly, but some of their features are not free, unlike WP Engine.

For example, Personal plan with WP Engine starts with $29, but ZippyKid starts with $25. It may look cheaper but when your site gets over the limit, they will charge you with additional $20 for every 100,000 visits. Unlike in WP Engine, they won’t charge you a penny. Unless they see that it’s time for you to upgrade to the next plan.

Customer Service Support or Reliability

In this category, the customer service support of WP Engine and ZippyKid are excellent. Both managed WordPress hosting solutions have a team of professionals whom everyone can rely on whenever they have concerns about their website, specially WordPress sites. Their customer support representatives provide immediate response and offer support in a business-like way so their clients can clearly understand the instructions given to solve their issues.  They are friendly and gives clear and easy to follow instructions. I think it’s a tie when it comes to this. But I noticed that ZippyKid uses a ticket system that does not notify you when someone replied to your ticket or now. WP Engine have both ticket and phone call support and response are fast.


Both managed WordPress hosting solutions have amazing features to offer especially when it comes to automatic updates and backup. But, if you are wondering which solutions can provide you advantageous features, WP Engine still beats ZippyKid. It is because WP Engine is equipped with a development testing environment and can rest assure anyone about their offered services. Its testing environment, also known as the Staging area, lets their clients make changes on their website without letting their visitors see their changes. This feature is ideal for people who are considering re-designing yet still not ready to show their changes to the viewers.

WP Engine also offers free of charge services if your website got hacked. They will fix your website as quickly as possible for you to operate without facing any issues. But since they have a strong security feature, chances of your site getting hack is very rare.

With the ZippyKid VS WP Engine comparison shown above, there is no doubt why WPEngine is chosen by many bloggers or WordPress website owners. It offers excellent features, which were designed to give you ease and convenience when managing everything on your website. WP Engine also provides benefits that you won’t find from other managed WordPress hosting solution. So, why waste your money and time for other solutions if you can enjoy a hassle-free transaction with WPEngine? Contact their management now and see the difference. By the way, if you are ready to join WP Engine be sure to check out the latest WP Engine coupon codes, and get huge discount to help you get started.

If you still have doubts about them, consider reading a WP Engine review here. The review is based on my personal experience, and will give you a splash of knowledge about the features, real benefits of their managed WordPress hosting services.



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