Bleach 514 Review: Ichigo’s Mom is a Quincy and His real father is…

Bleach 514 was recently released and it revealed some shocking revelation about Ichigo and his real identity. Just a warning though, this article have details (or spoilers) is you haven’t read the chapter yet. If you don’t want to get spoiled I suggest you read Bleach 514 first before proceeding with this discussion.


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[alert type=”red”]WARNING: From this section forward, it contains spoilers and details about Bleach chapter 514. If you haven’t read the chapter please do read it first, otherwise continue reading below.[/alert]

Bleach 514 Review

One again, Ichigo is clueless as to everything what is going around. He just want to fight and fight and fight without really knowing everything. This chapter revealed some shocking revelations.

First, Ichigo was able to unleash Blut Vene, but after reading this chapter I think he unleashed it without realizing that he has Quincy powers or abilities.

Second, Ichigo was able to escape because Kirgie’s power can not imprison another Quincy. Ichigo’s anger awakened his deepest memories, its root and it’s referring to his mother. That’s why he was able to escape at the first place. So this means Ichigo is a cross bread of Quincy, Shinigami and Hallow.

Third, Juha knew Ichigo’s mother (Masaki Kurosaki), and at this point we think that Ichigo’s could be a Quincy.

Fourth, Juha referred to Ichigo as his “son born in darkness“. This is really something big. Does this mean that Ichigo’s real father is Juha and not Isshin?! What the F?!

Bleach 514 Theories

I now have new theories after reading this chapter.

First, Ichigo’s mother could be a Quincy that’s why Ichigo has Quincy blood.

Second, Ichigo’s mother was not really a Quincy (just an ordinary human being), but instead his father was a full blooded Quincy. In this case his father is Juha. Juha might have raped Masaki or they could have been lovers before she met Isshin.

Third, Juha Bach could be Ichigo’s grandfather, and Masaki’s mother…

Things are really becoming crazy. I do not know how does Kubo intended to end Bleach. Perhaps his doing this to keep Bleach fans more interested now that it’s nearing its end.

What do you think guys? What are your thoughts about Ichigo’s real identity.



32 responses to “Bleach 514 Review: Ichigo’s Mom is a Quincy and His real father is…”

  1. i think Juha is Ichigos Grandfather, Since Juha is a royal Quincy hes daughter(ichigos mother) was suppose to marry another Quincy instead she fell in love with a Royal Shinigami(ichigos Father). cos ichigo and isshi all use Getsuga tenshou..meaning they from same lineage..
    Juha definately Opposed the relationship..thats what brought about the shinigami vs Quincy First War… So inorder for the Soul reaper King to protect his Son he created Gotel 13 under Yama for protectin Isshin from Juha wrath.. am sure

  2. I think Ichigo’s mother was the daughter of the soul king,
    and his father could be anyone @ this point ( piviotally speaking )

  3. Could Juha maybe be his Grandpa ?

  4. Saldante Avatar

    I agree with Jassim’s theory since it was the first thing came to my mind. . . but I don’t think its rooted to the very beginning of the shinigami vs Quincy war . . .
    But I’ll add that the Hollow that killed his mother was sent by Joha to kill Ichigo but his mother protected him and died instead . . . That’s when Joha decided to take eleminate Soul Society to avenge her . . .

    its only a theory though . . .

  5. Saigo no Getsuga Quincy Avatar
    Saigo no Getsuga Quincy

    First Kubo is a jerk. Second cum on people look at the early, early bleach. Questions: whom does Ichigo look like to the point it was basically revealed. Kaien Shiba, whom does Ganju kinda favor Isshin whom does Kalen favor Kukaku. Isshin was the pervious captain of squad 10 before Hitsugaya.

    Masaki i believe is Juha’s daughter whom fell in love with Isshin during the great war. 1000 years later Ichigo. However Grand Fisher was hunting her the entire time. Fullbring” he felt the energy from this super hibrid and wanted it. Ichigo is now born of every race. Quincy, Shinigami, Hollow, Human. A trancendent being. Just as Uryuu is stronger in places of free reishi Ichigo is well, however he wasnt in tone with these Quincy abilities during the Grimjow/Cifer era, his hollow abilities reaped the benefits completely. During Aizen era he perfected them. Kujo may have even been in leagues with Juha.

    All in all. Awrsome Kubo. Now what. I see a huge blank coming in Bleachs future. I hope not. But hey it Kubo right

  6. Isshin is def Ichigo’s father.. they have the same sword release.
    interesting idea about juha being his grandpa.. we will have to wait and see…
    I do think that Uryu’s father and Isshin are rivals because they both loved ichigos mother..
    what if uyru and ichigo are cousins????

    And what do we really know about Isshins backstory….

    I just want to see ichigo kick everyones ass with some new power….
    I am sure Kubo wont disappoint… he rarely has in over 500 episodes!!!!

    1. I was thinking it’s his grandpa and that Ichigo’s mother is Uryu’s Sister. Now that would mean maybe great grandpa? Ishin is definatly ichigos father.

  7. Nah my theory is Juha is the leader of the Quincey as of now so he calls everyone his son/daughter…..I think he just wants Ichigo since he has something needed that no one else does…..Ichigo right now is a big pile of everything I mean look at him he could pass for a Hollow, Quincey, etc…..keep them coming.

  8. 12th spaud captain Avatar
    12th spaud captain

    lol 😉 i think kurosaki family and juha need to go to the maury show

  9. bitches love my bankai Avatar
    bitches love my bankai

    here’s what i think and it makes more sense
    fist of all ichigo’s dad is isshin no questions its just obvious.

    second Juha Bach has no relation to ichigo as a family member this is because at the end of the chapter when Juha Bach was leaving he said “my son born inside the darkness” this would most likely means that ichigo has been reborn with Quincy powers that he potentially gained from his mother and now Juha Bach considers ichigo as a brethren and now sees him as a comrade or a “son” that would make the most sense.

    third ichigo’s mom may potentially be a Quincy but lost her powers this is because remember when uryu fought that captain and lost his powers as a Quincy i think that masaki lost her powers the same way during a war or battle this would explain how she couldn’t see that hollow that attacks women, later fell in love with isshin after he abandoned the soul society and came to the world of the living, but was given the choice to regain her powers for juha Bach and his plot of war against the soul society but choose not to because she was pregnant with ichigo and just wanted to be a family woman.

    next ichigo was born as a soul reaper/ Quincy hybrid and later developed the power of a hollow and a fullbring user.
    how he has hollow powers- remember when he was trying to learn zangetsu’s name, he awakened his hollow powers then because at that point is when hollow ichigo was born and thereby ichigo gained hollow powers.
    how he had fullbring powers- after he lost his powers ichigo had the power to awaken fullbring powers because of his previous experiences with spiritual pressure and so his body was used to the bower.

    finally aizen knew ichigo was special from the start because he could withstand various races in his being and thats when aizen took an interest in ichigo, aizen knows everything about ichigo, ichigo’s family,everthing to do with the soul society and the Quincies and probably expected that ichgo would beat him and this is all part of aizens higher plan for something greater such as becoming the greatest species so he would rule over all but his being wouldn’t withstand it and so he needed ichigo to obtain this goal because ichigo has every race so far.

    any way this is my theory and it could be wrong but i think it makes most sense logically.

  10. I think you’re reading too much into the word “son”. Juha is some sort of royalty, so it makes sense he’d refer to Ichigo as a son (like a son of the Quincy people). Maybe he’s his grandfather or something, but it seems unlikely – that would just be a random guess at this point.

    I was more surprised at the fact that Mr. Stand-nearby-and-dont-even-raise-a-finger-to-help Haschwald finally moved, and whats more he cut through Zangetsu with seemingly little effort. If Ichigo has any hope of fighting Juha Bach, it looks like he’ll have to get through his albino bodyguard first.

  11. Hayashi Toshi Avatar
    Hayashi Toshi

    Juha Bach got info from Aizen that he should recruit Kurosaki Ichigo [ Kurosaki Ichigo had been Human, Shinigami, Hollowfication, Vizard, Full bringer and Quincy variety/diversity spice of life.] advantage for the Great War to defeat Royal King Realm and his royal subordinates called Division 0 aka Royal Guards to be the next King and create another similar Soul Society organization. Zero Squad Tai Chou Kurosaki Isshin was discharged temporary losing his powers while protecting Kurosaki Ichigo’s mom could be princess of Royal King Realm who wanted to enjoy normal human life for instance having family. That’s why he couldn’t forgive himself if he blame Kurosaki Ichigo causing his wife death.

    Kurosaki Ichigo genetically inherited his high reiatsu from Kurosaki Isshin and Kuchiki Rukia infused the remaining Shinigami powers to Kurosaki Ichigo before he becomes official Shinigami representative for Soul Society to protect Karakura Town after Kurosaki Isshin lose his power for 20 years. Though Kurosaki Isshin befriended Ryūken Ishida since both have the similar enemy faced every day that’s Hollow injured or killed human beings. Thus, Kurosaki Isshin clinic and Ryūken Ishida’s hospital had professional connection.

  12. Isshin is ichigo’s father. Same sword style no question about it.
    Masaki is ichigo’s mother and was a quincy but lost her powers for some reason. Because she could only protect ichigo with her own body.

    Juha bach might be related to masaki and thus related to ichigo. He says my son to ichigo. Some say this is because he sees all quincy as that, but keep in mind that he didn’t care much for his men that died by captain commander. So therefore i think there is something deeper between ichigo and jahu.

    And does ichigo still have a hollow inside of him? On the brink of becoming a hollow he found his shinigami powers and because that he had a hollow. They both came from the same source. After the final getsuga he loses his shinigami powers AND hollow powers to.
    He learns the full bring wich is then taken from him by ganju(i might have the name wrong)
    Later he gets his shinigami powers back by having them inserted into him by the zanpaktou infused with all captains and vice captains reiatsu. But no hollow was in there. nor did it magicly spawn, thus ichigo is only a shinigami / quincy
    not a shinigami / quincy / fullbring / hollow hybrid

  13. jack Wang Avatar

    To answer the theory..I thought of an interesting bet. Say Juha bach had a sister who turns out ot also be quincy…she is Ichigo’s mother….and so she, uses some artifact like ishida’s glove, which wasn’t an artifact in that time, and loses her powers..and meets isshin, who has lost his power using his final bankai release, so a shinigami seemingly marries a quincy…though both still have some restitasu in them, –like how ichigo’s fullbring functioned, and so ichigo is born with both races. Then, she dies by Grand fisher’s hand, who is an arrancar, and was even difficult for a quincy with power to defeat, so she had no chance…and dies. This awakens Ichigo’s hollow powers, so now he has quincy, shinigami, and hollows..and now, rukia appears and tries to give half of her power, but his already shinigami body takes almost all of her power, gives him bankai skills.

    1. Jonathon-Lee Reich Avatar
      Jonathon-Lee Reich

      The problem with your theory is that grand fisher wasn’t an arrancar when his mom died, second his dad regained his power… The final gestuga use all the users power. I stand by my theory that makes the most sense and seems the most logical.

    2. Jonathon-Lee Reich Avatar
      Jonathon-Lee Reich

      I’ll agree that he isn’t a hybrid of all four of the cuz his full ring was taken… However it is said and shown that the hollow form is also a part of zangetsu. So as long as he has zangetsu and as long as he is human he will also be part hollow. Just because we haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it’s not there he only lost his power like what 45-50 chapters ago?

  14. Jonathon-Lee Reich Avatar
    Jonathon-Lee Reich

    Come guy think about it. ichigos mom is a Quincy… That is obvious second juha most likely isn’t ichigos’ ancestor. When he said my son it’s more along the line of how a priest. As for the back story of Ichigos parents that seems way to easy. Soul reapers are ordered to kill all Quincy’s but isshin is in love with one so he leaves the soul society and his mom make a pact never to use her powers again. Hence why she died when she could have destroyed the hollow. So that means that ichigo has Quincy powers all along but with no one to train him he doesn’t realize it… But also he has shinigami powers the whole time from his dad and once Rukia gave him her powers the shinigami powers over powered the Quincy’s. and the hollow part comes from him simply being human. When he is not in his earthly body he is susceptible to the same things as any ghost. Plus that time he almost became a hollow because of mr. Hat’n’cloggs.

  15. Mr Kon sama~ Avatar
    Mr Kon sama~

    From my POV, obviously, no doubt that Ishhin is the father. And Ichigo ofcourse inherited his shinihami power from his father. For his mother, it might be as u guys said as well which is a quincy but what confuse me is how Masaki relate to Juha, maybe like u guys said father n daughter relation. One more thing is, how Ishin and Ishida father related to each other? from my pov, maybe masaki n uryuu is sibling and juha is the father LOL.. and explain why ishida dont want help ichigo when theyre going to hueco mundo to help Nel, its obvious Ishida know something about this rebellion right, or maybe he has been approach by juha earlier and has been told the truth about it.

  16. justME Avatar

    i am sorry but i dont think that Juha Bach could be Masaki’s mother. seriously Juha Bach a mother? :D:D

  17. Vayliya Avatar

    I subscribe to the theory that Masaki and Isshin came from noble families. I see both of them being degraces to their families. Another point is family resemble. It doesn’t just happy when someone decides to take advantage of any other. Ichigo looks like his mom and Kaien. His father resembles his brothers. I am up in the air about gigais. They are to surpress spiritual power but as I have read over time they loose spirit power as gigais are made of flesh and they become human leading to children as a possibility. This is explained in Urahara’s unfinished prototype and in Rukia’s gigai. Or that is how I understand it. The longer in the gigauvthevmirw human you become.

    If I’m wrong I’m sorry. Trying to read in Japanese messes with me.

  18. Vayliya Avatar

    * more human you become

  19. Kurosaki Avatar

    What is up with Juga Bach!?

    This is how it goes:
    Ishhin Kurosaki/Shiba Ichigo’s father, is a soul reaper.
    Masaki Kurosaki Ichigo’s mother is a quincy. That’s all there is to it.
    Ta da

  20. It’s impossible to Ichigo’s mother Masaki can be Juha’s doughter, beacause Juha mentioned his battle with Yama before 1000 years (Yama’s bankai before 1000 years, but he can’t see his bankai without fight). And he is not very old like Yama. I want to say that i saw Masaki in chapter (manga xD) when she was like 13-15 years old. When Isshin waI s 10 squad captain. I came this far and forgot what i want to say :3. I think that my comment does not make sense. Forgot that. I want to say that Juha is too old to be Masaki’s grandpa. I think that she is sister to ishida’s Dad :S xD. Sorry if a take your time to read my comment. That makes sense, because Ishida was there this whole time to protect Ichigo or something. To teach him how to use his Quincy powers :S Ishida is quincy. Maybe he is sent to explain what happened to his mom :S

  21. whatsoever Avatar

    IMHO bleach are getting bored, where the story aren’t not original anymore…

  22. Ichigo’s dad is still his dad and his mom is from a royal line of a quincy family so there comes his quincy and shinigami powers the only that has yet to be answered is the hollow that ichigo became as his full transformation is the same as a hollow that ichigo’s father fought

  23. Okay I just read the last chapter and I’m completely lost… Let’s list what we know/recently learnt:

    1) Juha refers Ichigo as his “son born in darkness”…what does that even mean?? why “in darkness”? During war? Illegitimately? Not normally but by some spell or dark “magic”…?

    2) Masaki is a Quincy, and she’s supposed to marry Ichida SO they’re NOT blood-related ’cause that would be incest (and gross). We also know that she’s a pureblood or else she wouldn’t be allowed to marry Ichida, the descendant of a powerful bloodline of Quincy.

    3) We saw that she met Isshin and helped him when he was injured so they could have fallen in love and have 3 kids… but then what about her fiancee Ichida?

    4) We learnt that Isshin is not a “Kurosaki” MASAKI IS because it’s the name of the pure bloodline of quincy that she’s the descendant of.
    Isshin is a SHIBA! = related to Kaien (so that is WHY Ichigo looks so much like him!!) and Genzo (yeurk, poor Ichigo…). And Kukaku spoke about her “uncle” I suppose now that she meant Isshin…

    5) we still didn’t see Joha in those flashback but he obviously know about Masaki and Ichigo. WHO IS HE TO THEM? Masaki’s dad? Brother? And since he called Ichigo “son” did he meant it as a generality as a part of “quincy’s royalty” or as his REAL blood-related son?? That would mean Ichigo is a full Quincy by mother and father so not at all a human or a shinigami… and a sort of prince!

    6) I don’t think Ichigo is related to the soul King ’cause…he didn’t really looked “human” enough to have children…

    7) The last point is the one that has me anxious…. did you see the hollow that Isshin fight in earth? He looks EXACTLY like Ichigo’s transformation in Last Noches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we learnt that he was actually one of Aizen’s experiment… Maybe ICHIGO IS THAT ARRANCAR and he has been changed in human baby form by Masaki or Aizen or Isshin or Joha???!!!! But then why does he has Quincy’s ability? At the root he’s not a shinigami since it’s Rukia that transforms him the first and third times (the second being Urahara)… so that would mean he’s a hollow…and a quincy? WHAT THE F?????

    I’m LOST guys please tell me what you think of this!!

    1. Hi Gab, what chapter did you last read, because 514 in not the latest chapter. Have you read my latest review lately?
      1. because there are lots of mystery revolving the true identity of ichigo
      2. your correct
      3. He married Uryu’s mother of course.
      4. your correct
      5. perhaps Juha is a father or grandfather or great grandfather of Masaki
      6. perhaps aizen knows something that we don’t
      7. Ichigo has quincy ability because his mother is Masaki, pure quincy.
      According to isshin he is not human, and he is not shinigami. perhaps he is more of a quincy.
      Don’t worry, much will be revealed in the next chapter next week.

  24. Gabrya Avatar

    Hi Jeff! Thanks for responding 😉
    Yea of course I read it but that -son born in the darkness- disturbed me in 514^^
    By the way… in 531 Isshin used – Burn, Engetsu – …not Getsuga Tensho or another attack of Zangetsu, so a friend of mine is absolutely certain that Isshin is not in fact Ichigo’s father since they don’t share all the same sword techniques but some sort of step dad or guardian for Masaki’s son… or that Ichigo is a human (or something) consequence of Aizen’s experiments, and that would made him part quincy and part hollow…
    Well that’s kind of messed up but with Aizen you never know!
    I really can’t wait to read the next chapter all those theories are killing me ^^

    1. I think Isshin is really his father. They have resemblance, specially with the Shiba. Perhaps Isshin didn’t knew how to use the getsuga tenshou during this time.

      1. Gabrya Avatar

        Not know Getsuga as a Taicho? Hm… I think he knew it but he had other techniques… But you’re right with the Shiba family, Ichigo is surely Isshin’s son.
        That would make him a quincy and a shinigami… What will he do now? Those race aren’t really the best of friends…maybe the rest of the shinigami will try to kill him or some drama like this… Maybe he will put an end to their war… I wonder if Ichida (son^^) knew about him…

        1. Let’s just find out in the next chapter ^_^

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