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Naruto 626: Madara and Hashirama 2 (Released)

Naruto 626 is now available! up next, last episode was the single episode where for the first time we saw Madara and Hashirama in good terms, and started to build something good. But it was also the chapter where Madara turned evil, again. After reading and deciphering the hidden message from the stone tablet, Madara found a new path, the “dark side“. Madara left Hashirama to pursue his own path, but why did Madara turned evil again? Please continue reading below


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 626 is now available. This chapter is entitled Madara and Hashirama 2. Hashirama has finished telling his story. What will be Sasuke’s reaction to Hashirama’s answer to him?

naruto 626Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Dima334241


Naruto 626 Spoiler / Prediction

Last episode, we saw Madara just turned evil again, after they have a conversation over the secret message within the stone tablet. But why did he turned evil again? I’m sure he did honor Hashirama’s guts and value their friendship. But what made him turned to the dark side? Below are my theories:

1. Madara wasn’t over with his brother’s death, Izuna. And because of this Madara was filled with hatred and was able to awaken his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

2. He felt that he was a looser, even some of the people in the Uchiha clan didn’t trust or believe him anymore.

3. He believed that he was weak and was not able to protect his brothers. He questioned Hashirama’s decision making him the first Hokage, whether he can protect a whole village.

4. Madara found something about the hidden message in the stone tablet.

5. He didn’t really shared the dream that Hashirama did. He had another dream, a dream that he trying to achieve right now with his Eye of the Moon Plan.

6. If Hashirama was the “Yang”, he believed that he is the “Yin”, the dark side and he believes that it is his destiny.

I’m sure in Naruto chapter 626 we will find out more as to why Madara turned evil again. I’m sure after Madara left the village, their never ending battle began again. This time Madara was able to control the Kyubi, and Hashirama had to use his wood dragon to fight him. I think Hashirama will continue his story in Naruto 626. He hasn’t totally answered Sasuke’s questions yet.

By the way, if you have confirmed spoilers please do hit the comment section below and share your knowledge. Spoilers nowadays are hard to find. Sometimes there are not released anymore.

Anyway, I’ll post update once Naruto 626 spoiler is posted, but I’ll updated this post and perhaps post a review after Naruto chapter 626 is released. Stay tuned!



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