O+ Plus Android Smartphones and Tablets Hits Philippines

O+ or O Plus is a new brand of smartphones and tablets, originated from US, and was recently introduced in the Philippines, offering a cheaper alternative of Android phones and tablets. The O+ Plus devices are priced somewhat similar to Cherry Mobile phones or Alcatel, and other cheap phones. Well if you are looking for a cheap alternative smartphone then O+ Plus could be your answer. Below are their devices currently available in Ph with their respective prices.


UPDATE: check out O Plus Quad Core powered smartphone with a nice 5-inch IPS HD display, the O+ 8.15 Android Jelly Bean Smartphone.

Android O+ Plus devices

O+ 9.7 Pad Android Tablet


  • Powerful Android 4.0
  • 9.7″ widescreen multi-touch display with IPS technology, better viewing on all angles! 1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch
  • 1.2 GHz Processor.
  • Dual camera! Do video calls with front camera, 3MP back camera
  • FB, Twitter anytime, anywhere, via Wifi or USB
  • 8000mAh battery for up to 4 movies!
  • Plug and play movies, videos with memory card slot, USB Port
  • Maximize HDMI. Just link to TV!
  • 16GB Internal Memory


  • Connectivity: WIFI, USB Modem, HDMI, Memory Card Slot, USB Port
  • Display: 9.7″ IPS Screen, 1024×768 Resolution, Capacitive
  • Dimensions: 234 x 186 x 9.9mm
  • Weight: 600g
  • Camera: 3 Mega Pixel Camera, w/ Front Camera
  • Operating System: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz processor
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Battery: 8000mAh Battery
  • Price: Php 9,995

A 7-inch version is also available, the O+ Plus 7.1 Pad

O+ 8.7 Android Phone


  • 1GHz processor for ultimate gaming!
  • 3.2″ Capacitive multi-touch Screen.
  • Maximize Wifi Connectivity! Push email, Facebook, Twitter on the go.
  • Download unlimited apps via Android Market!
  • Voice command navigation
  • Customize up to 4 home screens! Plus, live wallpapers and Android widgets.
  • Dual camera 3.2 MP camera with Face Detaction. Front camera with 1.5x zoom.
  • Be creative! Choose background effects for videos.
  • Dual Sim
  • Games Galore! Up to 32GB expandable memory.
  • Easy file sharing with bluetooth connectivity.
  • Long lasting battery with 1400mAh.
  • Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
  • GPS Capable
  • Voice Control
  • Internal memory of 512MB
  • Price: Php 4,995

O+ 8.2 Android Phone


  • Best of both worlds—touch and qwerty!
  • 2.8″ capacitive touch screen qwerty keypad
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Download unlimited apps via Android Play Store!
  • Dual camera with 3.2MP camera with Face Detection, panoramic shots for expansive views.
  • Front camera with zoom.
  • Customize up to 5 home screens! Plus, live wallpapers and Android Widgets.
  • Dual Sim
  • Gaming heaven! Up to 16GB expandable memory for tons of MP3 and Android apps.
  • Easy file sharing with bluetooth connectivity.
  • Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
  • 650MHz processor
  • GPS Capable
  • Memory Card slot up to 16GB
  • Internal memory of 4GB
  • Price: TBA

Other O+ WiFi Plus Phones

These O+ Plus devices are powered by their very own Air Shuffle. See their brief features and prices below:

O+ 7.2 WiFi

  • The Air Shuffle Classic
  • Wifi connectivity! FB, push email, anytime, anywhere!
  • Brilliant 2.4″ bar phone
  • Air shuffle FM radio, music, photos, unlocking screen
  • Various live wall papers
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with zoom, face detection, background effects
  • Hassle-free self-timer, continuous shot features
  • FM player/recorder
  • Expandable memory up to 16GB
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual Sim
  • Price: Php 2,795

O+ 6.8 WiFi

  • Thinnest touch phone with Wifi connectivity!
  • Vibrant 3.5″ touch screen, 3 customizable home screens
  • 3 customizable home screens with fun, quirky widgets.
  • Capture your favorite tunes with FM recorder.
  • Never miss the moment with dual camera
  • Be creative with videos! Choose from zany background effects.
  • Wow friends with moving screensaver!
  • Play java games, MP3s with up to 8GB expandable memory.
  • Dual camera, create amazing backgrounds
  • Easy file sharing with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Price: Php 3,295

O+ 6.3 WiFi

  • The Air Shuffe Wizard
  • Wifi connectivity on a new level! Access Facebook anytime, anywhere!
  • Push email available.
  • Vibrant 3.2″ Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Air shuffle FM radio, music, photos
  • Show off your mood with various live wallpapers.
  • Amazing home screen with fun, quirky widgets!
  • Plus, a virtual pet that interacts with you!
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with zoom and face detection.
  • Loads of background effects to personalize photos.
  • Spice up your gallery with built in frames!
  • Capture your favorite tunes via FM recorder.
  • Maximize Java games, play MP3s with up to 16GB expandable memory!
  • Easy file sharing with bluetooth connectivity.
  • Price: Php 3,795

O+ 1.3 Music

  • With VGA Camera
  • MP3 & MP4 Player
  • Colored monoblock dual sim
  • Wireless FM radio player / recorder
  • MicroSD slot expandable up to 2GB
  • With bluetooth
  • With torch light
  • Price: Php 999

O+ 1.5 Music

  • With VGA Camera
  • MP3 and MP4 Player
  • Colored monoblock Dual SIM
  • Wireless FM radio player/recorder
  • MicroSD slot expandable up to 16GB
  • With Bluetooth
  • With torch light
  • Price: Php 999

O+ 1.7 Music

  • With VGA Camera
  • MP3 & MP4 Player
  • Colored monoblock dual sim
  • Wireless FM radio player / recorder
  • MicroSD slot expandable up to 8GB
  • With bluetooth
  • With torch light
  • Price: Php 999

O+ 2.1 Music

  • One-of-a-kind favorites shortcut let’s you call, message with just one click.
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with zoom, create amazing backgrounds!
  • Hassle-free self-timer, continuous shot features.
  • Listen to your favorite FM Stations, loudspeaker let’s you jam with friends!
  • FM recorder captures your favorites for you to play again and again.
  • Chat with friends on Facebook and Twitter via IM Center, O+’s social hub!
  • Expandable memory up to 16GB! Play oodles of Mp3 and MP4.
  • Easy file sharing with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual Sim
  • Reliable LED torch with easy side switch.
  • Long-lasting battery with 1000mAh
  • Price: Php 1,795

O+ 3.2 Music

  • The Multi-media Qwerty Genius
  • Slimmest qwerty phone, easy to carry!
  • Vibrant 2.3″ screen
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with 4x zoom, create amazing backgrounds!
  • Continuous shot feature.
  • Wireless FM player/recorder, loudspeaker.
  • Built-in TV player, recorder
  • Expandable memory up to 8GB!
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual Sim
  • Price: TBA

O+ 5.3 Music

  • Vibrant 2.8″ screen, 3 customizable home screens with interactive wallpaper like no other!
  • Wireless FM player/recorder, loudspeaker.
  • Personalize contacts using 1.3 megapixel camera with flash. Create amazing backgrounds, add effects on videos, photos!
  • Connect with friends on FB.
  • Expandable memory up to 16GB!
  • Play oodles of MP3 and MP4.
  • Easy file sharing with bluetooth connectivity.
  • Dual Sim
  • Super bright torch
  • Long-lasting battery with 1000mAh
  • Price: Php 1,895

O+ 5.7 Music

  • The Multi-media Touch Techie
  • Built-in TV player, easy viewing on 2.8″ screen
  • 3 customizable home screens
  • 1.3 megapixel camera
  • Hassle-free self-timer, continuous shot features
  • Wireless FM player/recorder, loudspeaker
  • Access FB, Twitter with just one click!
  • Expandable memory up to 8GB!
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long lasting battery with 1000mAh
  • Dual Sim
  • Price: TBA

There you have it. So what do you think of the new O Plus phones guys? Will you be getting one?

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140 responses to “O+ Plus Android Smartphones and Tablets Hits Philippines”

  1. jay lacson Avatar

    where can i download games from my O+ 6.3? pls help.

    1. Hi Jay
      I’ll get back to you soon. I don’t know where also since I haven’t tried using an O+ phone yet.
      Can you tell me what operating system is O+ 6.3 using? I’m sure it’s not android right? Is it Java? Symbian? or other?

      1. zenaida dizon Avatar
        zenaida dizon

        my sister bought me an O+ in philippines but now i can’t used it. i try a lot of sim card from here in US but is not working . My sister asked to the salelady if that O+ will going to work here she said yes, but it’s not. So now what i”m going to do…..

        1. perhaps your phone does not support the network in US. Is your phone quadband, triband or dual band?

          1. zenaidadizon Avatar

            maybe it only dual band, and that o+ 8.75 is dual sim but it useless.

        2. Now that’s funny. A “US brand” phone that you can’t use in the US. 🙂

  2. after two months my O+ 6.3 wifi just hanged. what will i do?

  3. where can i buy silicon case for o+8.7…or leather case

    1. O+ is a new product. It might be difficult to find accessories for this phone. I also do not know where to find accessories for this phone even on online stores.

    2. Grace Avatar

      you may try to go to SM North Edsa Annex, i remembered they referred me to a store in that building where i can buy some accessories for O+ phones..

  4. i have a problem with my O+ 7.2 wifi phone,the video recording is difficult to save.

  5. kristine Avatar

    where can i buy O+ pad?

  6. o+ is a cheap phone, what about the phone quality?

  7. O+ 6.3 ( dual sim or not?)

    1. I think it’s a dual sim phone

  8. o+ have a good specs. and good price but can this device has a worth it to buy ? can i trust this phone ?

    1. It’s a cheap phone. Usually what you pay is what you get. It might have great specs but quality might not be that good. Or vice versa. O+ haven;t sent me any review unit. too bad.

  9. Hi. Ano difernce ng o plus 9.1 at 7.1 n tablet? Good price good spec. Good quality? Ano dfrence nka s coby na brand? Pls responce thanks

  10. where can i buy an o+tab? pls sen me an email….thanks a lot

    1. Try looking one in malls or cellphone shops

  11. Nicole Angela Avatar
    Nicole Angela

    6.3 is not a android it is a wifi phone.if you want to look where to buy o plus phones, go to facebook and go to their fb
    Account: oplus usa , in their timeline you will see Where to buy? Click that.

  12. joanne juljul rimando Avatar
    joanne juljul rimando

    i just brought O+9.7,wow! amazing features

  13. san po ako pwede bumili ng o+tablet d2 po ako sa paranaque… please reply tnx.

    1. games and gadgets. i bought 2.1 music as backup phone.

  14. where do can i buy o+ here in iloilo city thanks!!!!

  15. hi,
    do you know how to add images to the contacts with O+ 8.5? i can’t figure out how to add myself.

    1. Try going to contact, edit or add a contact and hit the “face” icon. it should ask you for the image source.
      BTW, what’s the version of your android OS?

  16. ask ko lang yung battery life nung o+ 6.8, ok ba sya? correct me if im wrong, 900mah yung battery nya, baka wala pang isang araw, lowbatt na agad..

  17. where can i download games on my 0+ 5.7 phone? and what type of file does it need to play a video?

  18. Can you give me some establishments that sells O+ tablets, anywhere in Manila area.

    1. I’ll get back to you soon with a list Randy.
      What area or city is accessible to you?

  19. This phone sucks. I can’t download anything. Its tells me I havent accessed the play store. there is no play store on this phone! THIS PHONE SUCKS. Tiwtter and FB apps are not even updated. HELP!

    1. Hi Rose
      Can you try downloading google play store apk via your PC? Then copy it to your phone’s storage or microsd card then install it from there.
      Hope this helps.

  20. where can i download games for my O+ 5.3 tnx

    1. what’s the OS of 5.3?

  21. Anyone know if this phone brand established a support system here in the Philippines? I would hate buying a phone that I would eventually throw away when it breaks down since there’s no service center or support.Thanks peeps!

    1. I’m not sure. But for local phones that are already established I think cherry mobile, alcatel would be your choice. Not sure with starmobile either.

  22. just wnt 2 ask if applicble din b sa o+ 8.7 ang pagllgay ng images sa contcts?


    1. Hi neen, I don’t have an O+8.7. what version of OS is it running?

  23. Ceferino M. Matignas, Jr. Avatar
    Ceferino M. Matignas, Jr.

    I bought my O+ 8.7 Phone last mid November. However, due to memory problems (internal) my phone hangs. Since it was less than a month and it was still under warranty I brought my phone to their Service Center along Gilmore. In less than an hour, my phone was okay and working excellently. I admit it was my fault coz I was so excited downloading apps and games. I would readily indorse this phone for the important reasons. One is the price which is not that expensive compared to Nokia and Samsung. Second, is the excellent after sales support. NICE PHONE =)

    1. Anonymous Avatar

      Ceferino, I bought also 0+ 8.75, naghang cya lagi, tapos kelangan ko pang alisin ung battery, ano po ba ginawa nyo?

    2. Katrina Marie Tiongson Avatar
      Katrina Marie Tiongson

      Can you please tell me. where is the Service Center for 0+. where is it exactly located at Filmore?

  24. Andrew Arca Avatar
    Andrew Arca

    Good day. I want to ask is anyone of you have an O+ 8.75 or bought this unit? I’m wondering if I bought this phone can I play online games here on mobile base apps faster? Can I watch youtube or use skype while on video conference? How long does the battery last? 1 day /24 hrs maximum? I had no experience on having an Android/WiFi/Touch Screen Phones cause I’m usually a Nokia Brand lover yet this one is cheaper so might try it out yet this are the few things I need to know.

    I hope you could help me out. Thanks.

    1. Hi Andrew

      Can you tell me what are you looking for in an android tablet? What are the things that you will be doing with it? Will you be using it for work/business or for your entertainment?
      I need more information so that I can advise you what android tablet would be a best fit for you.

      1. Andrew Arca Avatar
        Andrew Arca

        Hi Jeff!

        Thanks for the fast reply. Actually I’m rooting for the O+ 8.7 or 8.75 Android Phone. I’ll use it for my entertainment like checking my pages at facebook so I could reply using this phone. Play online games like Arcane Legends. Watch Youtube videos. A typical needs for a teenager. I usually wanted something that is handy and a user friendly phone.

        I search on the web about blogs on this phone however minimal searches are appearing in Google. I hope Sir Jeff you could make a blog about the O+ (plus) brand so my friends will also be buying this phone and we will continue to follow your thread.

        *Note: I’ll be a first time Android Phone user if I’m going to buy this phone so, maybe, I’ll be needing a walk through using this phone if possible :).*

        1. Hi Andrew!
          I’m not really sure if you can play Arcane Legends with an O+ 8.7 or 8.75.
          When it comes to surfing online, checking/sending emails, FB-ing and Twitter, watch youtube videos I think the unit could handle that.
          But when it comes to gaming this might not be the phone for you.
          Arcane Legends requires a smartphone with a GPU. I don’t think the O+ 8.7 and 8.75 has that.
          This is pretty similar to a Samsung Galaxy Y (also and entry level smartphone). I was excited because that was my first android phone
          But later I got pretty disappointed since I could not play most of the GOOD to GREAT games in the google play market.
          I can’t even install games like Temple Run on Galaxy Y. I can only play very simple games. Even with the hacks applied, the phone still lags.
          So I upgraded to a higher phone that could meet my needs.
          And yes, according to O+ the 8.7 is for “ultimate gaming” but it’s really not. “Ultimate gaming” requires something like iPhone 4-5, Galaxy SIII, HTC One X+ and the likes. It requires a high end smartphone.

          And it’s true there is little information about O+ smartphones. I have been trying to contact them, asking for a review unit but I didn’t get any response until now.

          If you want something that would not disappoint you, I suggest you get a mid level to high end smartphone. I know, it’s a little bit expensive. But you can go for other brands like Huawei or Alcatel that has a cheaper price tag compared to Samsung. Or you might consider the Google Nexus 7.

          By the way, before buying a phone, please do visit a store and try it out for yourself and see if you will like it or not.

          1. Andrew Arca Avatar
            Andrew Arca

            Very informative post! Thanks a lot Jeff! I know now who to contact when I need to ask something. I’ll try your suggestion on Huawei or Alcatel however if the price of those unit didn’t match on my bugdet I might go with this phone and play games using my desktop/laptop instead.

            Thanks a lot Jeff!

          2. see also starmobile or myphone. I heard they also have good but budget friendly phones.

  25. Hi! how can I download wallpapers for my O’plus 8.75 by using PC at itratransfer ko lang sna sa fone ko?

    1. download wallpapers then simply send it to your phone via bluetooth, usb or use Airdroid (requires WiFi).

  26. khristine umayam Avatar
    khristine umayam

    id like to ask if the o+ 5.3 is capacitive touchscreen..coz im planning to buy one but they don’t want to test the phone if your not really decided to buy one..hoping for ur quick answer

  27. Ano po ba ang mas maganda, O’plus 8.75 or Cherry Mobile Flare? Nahihirapan po kasi akong pumili >_<

    1. wait for the cherry mobile omega if you can. but if you are choosing between O Plus 8.57 vs Cherry Mobile Flare, the flare is definitely better.

  28. Earl Camatog Avatar
    Earl Camatog

    What is the Internal Memory of O+ 8.5 , 8.7, 8.75? Tnx! God bless more power!

  29. Earl Camatog Avatar
    Earl Camatog

    Can O+ 8.75 play Temple Run?

    1. Not sure earl. I haven’t tested it yet

  30. hi jeff. ask ko lang anung version ung pwede kung gamitin for rooting of my o+ 8.75 tnx..

    1. Hi ghani
      I haven’t tried rooting an O+ unit yet. So I’m not sure about that.

  31. Dual Camera po ba yung 6.3? May nagsasabi po kasing oo, meron din hindi. naguguluhan na ko eh.. Thanks po..

    1. yes dual sim po, ang 6.3 wifi

  32. Mye Chavez Avatar
    Mye Chavez

    i have 5.7 music phone, but i can’t be able to use fb, twitter, but its on the phone, how can i use it???????????????

  33. @Jeff..i just purchased an o+ pad 7.1 awhile ago and i have wifi connectivity problem at home..when i purchased it on the store and tried the wifi it easily connected to their wifi but when i tried it at home then i cant connect my unit to our wifi..tried multiple times entering our wifi password and still cant connect..please i need your help

    1. did your unit properly detect your home network?
      Perhaps your security encryption did not match? I’m referring to WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK.
      Try checking your router’s configuration and also check your phone’s config. The security settings must match. Otherwise it will not connect.

      1. Yes my unit detected our connection wpa/wpa2 psk,,.how can i check the router’s conf.?:(..whenever i connect to our wifi shows authenticating then obtaining i.p address but still not connected

        1. what’s your router? it’s usually

  34. @Jeff..i just purchased an o+ 7.1 pad and i have problem in our wifi connection at home..while at the store,we tried the unit and it easily connected to their wifi but when i tried it at home,it doesnt connect..please help me to solve my problem.thanks in advance

    1. See my reply jr

  35. hi po kuya jeff, ask ko lang po kung yung 7.2 support youtube streaming?

    1. Hi Daniel, I haven’t tried playing youtube on the 7.2
      I suggest you visit an O+ store and try it.

  36. i am eager for your reply po

  37. tnx po kuya jeff

  38. pde po bang magSKYPE s O+ 8.7 AND O+ 6.8????????????

  39. Hello po kuya jeff! 🙂
    O+ 8.75 din phone ko.
    Disappointed ako sa memory eh 🙁
    Alam mo ba kung paano mag root? 😀

    1. what’s the android version of O+8.75 again?

  40. Hello po 🙂 I just want to ask if possible po bang mag install ng application sa O Plus 5.7 music na phone?…nkita ko po kc its one of the “android series” so I thought may mga apps na pwede kc android nga…kaso nhihirapan po ako maghanap ng application nya eh…hindi po nkakabasa ng “.jar” file..may possible way po ba?…

    1. if it’s android, it will only read APK files. “.jar” are for other platforms like bada (i think or symbian)

      1. Thanks po sa reply sir Jeff…

        I’ve tried downloading .apk file. But my phone cant recognize the file. That’s really my problem after all. I cant install any apps, my phone cant recognize even the installer of an application.

        Actually meron nman po syang built in na application. like facebook chat, twitter, yahoo messenger, face talk. and simple puzzle game..di ko lng po tlga alm kung pano mdagdagan ng apps.

        nagsearch nrin po ako about sa O PLUS 5.7 MUSIC …kaso limited po ung lumalabas na info…kaya wla po ako mkuhang sagot…anu po kya pwede ko gwin? sna mtulungan nyo po ako?

        I would really appreciate your help sir 🙂 thanks..

        1. What’s the version of your OS?

          1. Well honestly po, mtgal ko n rin po sinesearch un…kung anung OS and if ever anung version…kaso ang lagi ko pong nkikita eh ung mga basic features lng po ng phone…even sa manual nya wla pong nkasuat kung ano OS…

          2. I haven’t seen an O+ in the flesh. So I can’t tell which phone is android, or if they did something to the OS. If it’s Android Gingerbread or Froyo, you should be able to see the version in settings -> About Device

  41. jefferson Avatar

    ask ko lng kng pano tanggalin ung mga apps sa recent nanatatangal ba un sa 8.75?

  42. pang gaming na o plus ay yung 8.9 at 8.12, pwd mag temple run 2,swabe ung mga laro wlang hang..8.9 ung akin dual core kc kya mabilis.

  43. try nyo to,pnta kyo sa settings,tapos tap nyo ung security then tang galin nyo ung check ng unknown sources,mkaka dl na kyo ng kahit ano kahit hnd market ng o plus..

  44. I hate to use touch screen phones, but i also want to be updated and wants to have an android phone, so when i saw the O plus 8.2 phone, i decided to buy that both qwerty and ts pad, can u assure me that that phone is durable and can easily download applications like viber and skype?

    1. if you want a reliable and worry free/ “stress-less” phone, better invest on something better like Galaxy S3 / S4 / S3 Mini, or iPhone. You can also try high end Starmobile and some Cherry Mobile phones.

  45. carol jean Avatar
    carol jean

    HEllow po siR jEFF..asK ko lNg pO saNa Kung paanO po gamitiN ang Google pLay sTore appLicatioN sa 8.75 aNdroiD ko.im experiencing difficulty on using google play store app..d’po kaSi ako mka dowNloaD nG ibang aPPlicatioNs.
    ..MayBe,i should clicK sOme OptiOns to WorK buT i doNt know hoW to OperaTe.CaN i asK foR moRE info???.ThaNk u po^^

    1. Hi Carol!
      What do you mean you have difficulty using google play?
      What apps were you trying to download and what error messages are getting when trying to download?

  46. Charlestone Mayo Avatar
    Charlestone Mayo

    Malinaw po ba yung camera ng O+ 8.7 =)

    1. Sorry but I haven’t tried it yet. 🙂

      1. Charlestone Mayo Avatar
        Charlestone Mayo

        Pero yung ibang O+ po malinaw yung camera ?? 🙂

  47. pano po i unlock ung 8.75 kasi nag lock ung screen ang sabi too many attemps.

    1. Do you have a google account? You can reset your phone instead if you can’t find a way. But this step will delete all your files

  48. sir jeff, good afternoon po. My daughter will be using e-book in school. the school requires 9″ to 10″ of tablet for best viewing.I am choosing between o plus and coby kyros ( ito kaya ng budget as of now ). if any of this can be use for wireless internet too. your answer is highly appreciated. Thank you very much and God Bless po…

    1. Hi Joan. I do not have first have experience with O+ or Corby. So I can’t give you a sound recommendation. Right now I can only recommend getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab (or of similar quality) if they need an android tablet. Quality wise and you get after market support. However they might be out of your budget. Have you tried checking other Android tablets in the market? By the way, if you want to get cheaper price do not buy on Malls. Instead try checking DBGadgets or KimStore both of them are trusted local online stores.

  49. Dan Valenzuela Avatar
    Dan Valenzuela

    Hi Jeff Good Morning po 😀 tatanung ko lang po kung Saan makakabili ng O+ 6.3 WiFi Sa Sm sa manila ?? slamat po 😀

    1. AFAIK, there are O+ booths, I just don’t know where’s the exact location.

  50. Hi Jeff, I really am not good at phones so I want to ask you a few questions. How would you know the OS being used by an O+ 5.3 music? How do you connect to fb using O+ 5.3 music? Can you install games in O+ 5.3 music (because I think it’s not android)? How do you use the ebook of O+ 5.3 music?

    1. Hi Critz! IF it is an android, you can check it by going to settings and about phone. The version of the OS should be there. Or better yet ask the salesrep. If it’s not android, I don’t have an idea how to do it. I don’t have first hand experience with O+ phones.

      1. do you know how to connect to facebook using 5.3?

  51. Hi, I’m planning to buy O+ 9.7 Pad/Tab but I’m very confused with the specs of O+ 9.7 Pad/Tab.

    In the above details, the processor power is 1.2GHz (single core?) with 16GB internal storage but the RAM is not specified and the price is Php 9,995.

    But when I checked the specs at lazada.com.ph the proc is 1.6GHz Dual Core with 16GB internal storage, RAM is also not specified. However the price got higher, it’s now Php 11,995.00. Does anyone here have an idea why the price climbed to 11k? And which is the real proc power, was it the 1.2 (single core?) or the 1.6 (Dual core)?

    1. Also, the proc indicated in cmkcellphones is Dual Core.

      1. I have check it again. Unfortunately from the official site they only declared it as 1.2GHz processor. They did not mention if it was a single or dual core.
        Have you tried visiting an O plus store?

        1. Haven’t tried… but I’ll go there tomorrow. Thanks!

    2. Hi Prices varies depending on the seller, mall price are different from online prices and grey market. With regards to the specs, check O+ official site.

  52. ano website nito? o+

  53. john winkle Avatar
    john winkle

    pahelp nman po kung paano patasin yung ram ng o+ 6.3 lahat po ng java games/apps n ininstall ko nag hahung.

    1. Try using Link2SD. But you need your phone to be rooted, a similar guide can be found here https://whatswithjeff.com/samsung-galaxy-y-s5360-increase-internal-phone-memory/. Use with caution, haven’t done this with O plus units. So I don’t know what will be the effect of Link2SD.

  54. sir is there a way i can read wordtext or pdf in o+ 6.3? i read that the os of this phone is not an android but just wifi phone. im not good at phones. please reply as soon as possible. thanks.

    1. I’m not sure faye, I don’t have first hand experience with O plus phones.

  55. kimiko pineda Avatar
    kimiko pineda

    can this android phone brand can be use on other country?

    1. It depends one the unit, if it is quad band or not

  56. Where can i buy O+6.3?

  57. Oh Wrong im mean O+ 6.8 wifi? where can i buy

  58. florita r.lazo Avatar
    florita r.lazo

    panu po ako mkapgdowload ng games sa o+ 8.3….

  59. Hi jeff ‘I already have 0+ 9.7 pad.ok nman skin ung features and ok din ung internet mabilis nmn sya pag nka wifi or broadband..pero ang problema ko bkit walang bluetooth sobrang disappointed aku.and pwd ba eto palagyan ng bluetooth or e upgrade nlng:-) 🙂 pls help me.

    1. Hi! I’m not sure if there is a compatible USB Bluetooth for the tablet. What do you intend to use BT for?

  60. as what i have read in some articles about o+ its a brand that came from USA and it was also stated their that this brand is the cheaper brand in the USA so im not that too confident about the products of o+

    1. I’m not really sure about that either. There are some people from US saying that they never heard about O+. I think the creators or investors came from US and not the phone it self. It’s not even listed in popular mobile sites like gsmarena.

  61. kakabili ko lang po ng o+ 8.15 kaso nahihirapan ako bumili ng silicon case or leather case! baka naman po may alam o nagbebenta kayo! salamat po ng madami!

    1. Hi marc congrats! Since the phone is very new, perhaps we need to wait for casings to arrive. I don’t see any case for O+ 8.15 here either. sorry.

  62. angie Avatar

    my napindot ako sa o+ phone ko at ngayon na wala yung ibang mga naka save at mahirap na syang gamitin. Anu ba pwd ko gawin.? pls Help me

    1. It’s hard to fix it if I can’t see the exact problem. I suggest you bring it to an O+ store or have someone who is an expert or experience in using an android phone. (if you 0+ is an android)

  63. angie Avatar

    may contact number po ba kayo ng O+ dito sa Quezon City.
    Pls. help me.. 🙂

    1. sorry, I don’t have it

  64. Edgar Avatar

    Bumili ako nang O+ tablet 9.75 last january. after a week dinala ko sa service center dahil sa ayaw mg-power on. pinalitan ng charger. after another 2 weeks ay binalik ko ulit (same problem) but three weeks later was adviced to replaced the unit kc board daw ang problem. now after three months ay nangyari ulit ang problem. ayaw na nyang mg-power on….what should i do???? ok nman yung charger…….ito ba ang problem nang tablet 9.75??? help me kasi out of warranty na ito.

    1. Hi! How come it’s out of warranty? It’s obviously a back-job since it did not solve your problem. In fact another problem came. Have you tried asking their service center again? How about your charging time?

  65. Noel D Avatar

    Just want to confirm: my 7.2’s keypad is not that fast enough. Especially when texting, I can’t press every key fast the way it should be. Sample for letter “y”, I should be able to get to “y” just by pressing key “9” 3 times…but I can’t when pressing the key fast. Is this problem exists on all 7.2’s? And the images captured by the camera itself can’t be set as wallpaper 🙁

  66. angela Avatar

    hi my crack ung screen ng 0+ 8.3 ko..my warranty xa..can i go to service center?where? im in marikina..and how long will i wait para mafix xa?pls respond..
    salamat ,,, 🙂

    1. I think you can bring it in any O+ store. Was there a crack before you used it?

  67. Does an O+ 1.5 Music phone have an ebook app?

    1. Hi Hannah, what kind of ebook app are you looking for? simple PDF reader?

  68. Katrina Marie Tiongson Avatar
    Katrina Marie Tiongson

    Can someone tell me where is the Service Center of 0+? I checked google maps coz someone mention on the upper comment that there’s a service center that’s located in Filmore. but I cannot see anything. I badly need it. anywhere as long as it caters to a 0+ phone. I bought my 0+ 8.15 last March and my phone already has lot of issues. all my accessories is not working my phone run out of battery just half a day without using it. in regards to application camera and features of the phone I don’t have any complain about it. but the life of the phone itself sucks.. please help me. 15k is not a joke to just throw it.. 🙁

    1. Hi Kat, sorry not from the area so I have no idea. Have you tried contacting one of their store? perhaps they can give you the location of their service center. good luck!

  69. Georghina Budomo Alcazar Avatar
    Georghina Budomo Alcazar

    hi. ask ko lng po kung pwd bang lagyan ng picture ung contact? and how? 8.91 po phone ko. pki sgot nman po. tnx po

  70. Georghina Budomo Alcazar Avatar
    Georghina Budomo Alcazar

    ask po ulet. talaga po bang ndi malinaw ung front camera ng o+ 8.91? kc 2mp nga pero pag nsa luob ng bahay at bukas ang ilaw ndi xia malinaw as in malabo. gnon po ba tlga? pki sagot nman po. kbbili ko lng kc nto. tnx po

  71. Please remember to just buy them in stores. I was promised same day delivery but they lied, while trying to sell me all kinds of product. The next day at 4 p.m. and still no items. I cancelled my Paypal payment. And they still insist I pay using remittance. Bad business from O+ Philippines

  72. sir pwede ko po bang magamit ang 0+ 8.15 sa ibang bansa

  73. Jesa May David Avatar
    Jesa May David

    can I ask how to fix my front camera prolem on my o+ duo .. back camera was good but when I am trying to switch it to front it always say **make sure your camera is connected and not being used by other app**.. pls help… thanks !

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