Bleach Chapter 507: Fire 3 (now available)

Bleach chapter 507 is up next and Bleach is really getting hotter and hotter every chapter as the Arc reaches its end. Last chapter we saw something cool, we saw something awesome, an epic move that we haven’t seen for a long time (or should I say the first time?), Captain Commander Yamamoto’s Bankai released; Zanka No Tachi! This is soo cool, it reminds me when Ichigo used to introduce a newly achieved power to his enemies.


UPDATE: Bleach 507 is now available. This chapter is entitled The Fire 3. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image credit: Deviant artist NanFe

During the previous chapter, Yamamoto was attacked by three of Juha’s men but they were all burned instantly, effortlessly! Yamamoto made Juha draw his sword so that he could finish Juha. Now here comes, the really epic part, right after Juha drew his sword, all the flames suddenly vanished and Yamamoto released his Bankai, Zanka No Tachi! I got a feeling that his bankai is no ordinary bankai. If he was powerful even without his bankai, how much more if he releases his bankai.

Zanka no Tachi literally means “”Long Sword of the Remaining Flame“”, and is said to be the oldest and most powerful flame-type Zanpakuto. It looks like Yammaji’s Bankai is somewhat similar to Ichigo. Instead of turning into something big, it’s all compressed to a regular looking sword.

Obviously, this is the first time Juha saw Yamamoto’s bankai. He had that surprised look on his face. BTW, I do have a question though, how come Yamamoto have only 1 hand left, when did he loose the other one? I didn’t noticed that.

Bleach chapter 507:

I hope something really epic will happen on Bleach chapter 507. And I hope that Yammaji’s bankai would not be stolen easily. What do you think guys? Will Yamamoto defeat Juha in the next chapter? Because if he does, then it is finished. There is no thing left for Ichigo to do and that would have been pathetic on his part.

On the other hand, if Yamamoto failed to annihilate Juha, who would defeat him then? I don’t think Ichigo has the enough power to defeat him, unless he levels up again.

Anyway, let’s just find out in Bleach 507 when it is released. I will update this post if ever Bleach 507 spoiler will come out. But I’ll definitely update this post once Bleach chapter 507 is released. Stay tuned!



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