Bleach Chapter 510: The Extinction! (Released)

Bleach 510 is up next, Captain Yamamoto unleashed the final form of his bankai, Zanka no Tachi North – Tenchi Kaijin. The final blow slashed Juha’s body into half and Captain Yamamoto’s bankai had ended. But it’s not the end yet. The real enemy and the real battle is about to begin. Let’s find out more in Bleach 510.


UPDATE: Bleach chapter 510 is now available. It was released earlier than expected. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist Sentork

Bleach 510 Spoiler

Bleach chapter 510 spoiler is not yet available. It’s usually released 1 day before the chapter is released. But I have one good spoiler for you, the Juha Bach that we saw slashed into half by Captain Yamamoto’s Tenchi Kaijin is not the real Juha Bach! He’s just a dummy or a duplicate. How and Why? Let’s find out in the next chapter.

Bleach chapter 510 Prediction

This is bad. Captain Yamamoto had unleashed all his rage and all his power into a fake Juha Bach. If you notice in the last page of the previous chapter, the Juha there said “”My power isn’t enough, please forgive me Juha Bach-sama…””. This only means one thing and he is not the real Juha Bach. Yamamoto had unleashed all his power and anger into a wrong guy!

It’s also odd that the boss is weak and Yamamoto was able to defeat him so easily. Ichigo is still trapped in Garganta and that also gives us an idea that it’s not finish yet. If he is not the real Juha, then where is the real Juha? And who is the guy who saved Urahara? Is he a friend of foe?

Let’s find out more in Bleach chapter 510. I’ll try to post update when Bleach 510 spoiler is available. Stay tuned!



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