Bleach Chapter 511: Die Standing (Released)

Bleach chapter 511 is just around the corner. Soul Society is in deep trouble, Captain Yamamoto made a big mistake when he killed the wrong “”Juha””. It was Stern Ritter Y that Yamamoto poured his bankai on. He fell for their trap and the last thing we saw was the real Juha slashing Yamamoto. Will Yamamoto survive? Is this the End of Soul Society? Let’s find out on Bleach chapter 511. Meanwhile below check out my prediction below.


UPDATE: Bleach 511 is now released. This chapter is entitled Die Standing. Farewell Captain Yamamoto. You can being reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

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Image credit: Original artist Tite Kubo, colored by Deviant artist TheMyste5

Bleach chapter 511 spoiler

Currently Bleach chapter 511 spoiler is not yet available. I’ll post the confirmed Bleach 511 spoiler here when it will be leaked or released by scanlators before the chapter is released.

Bleach Chapter 511 Prediction

First, we learned that Juha was going to meet Aizen and convinced him to join his army. But I guess Aizen is not an easy boy and would not want to be under a Quincy. A lot of fans were excited to see Aizen, but I think he’s another problem if ever Juha did release him from his prison.

Juha might have finished Yamamoto and this could be the beginning of the end of Soul Society. The Vandenreich clearly won this battle. But let’s not forget Ichigo. I bet on the next following chapters we will see Ichigo again and get to know his rescuer. I think the one who will free Ichigo is an Arrancar, maybe Grimmjow or Ulquiorra.

If Juha didn’t release Aizen then it will be easier for Ichigo to save SS since he will only have to face Juha. It might be too much for Ichigo if he has to face Aizen too. Who knows, maybe Aizen will be good this time and help stop Juha. Anyway, those are just my random thoughts. What do you think?

I’ll post updated when Bleach chapter 511 spoiler or raw scans are available, or when the chapter itself is released. Stay tuned!



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