Naruto Chapter 588 The Kage’s Burden

Naruto Chapter 588 is up next and could this really be the end of the Edo Tensei and Madara? The previous chapter was an epic chapter and Izanami was fully explained by Itachi. Naruto Chapter 588 spoiler will come out anytime, hopefully today. I’ll post update as soon as Naruto 588 spoiler is available, or Naruto Chapter 588 is available.


UPDATE: Naruto Chapter 588 is now available. It is entitled The Kage’s Burden? Hmm.. What kind of burden? find out. You can read Naruto 588 in popular manga sites online.

In the last chapter, Itachi carefully explained what Izanami is and its origins in details. At first I got confused of his explanation but to keep it short and simple, if you are under Izanami, you will end up in a loop and the only way out of Izanami is to change your decision in life. That’s why Izanami is the one that decides your fate.

In the last pages of the chapter, I think Kabuto finally gives up and decides to release Edo Tensei. But the big question is, will he finally release Edo Tensei, and put an end to Madara? Is this finally victory for Itachi and Sasuke?

Let’s find out in Naruto 588. Naruto chapter 588 spoiler will be available soon. And Naruto 588 will be released by Wednesday night or Thursday morning.



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