Naruto Chapter 590: I Will Always Love You

Naruto Chapter 590 is up next. Madara has gone full power with his perfect Susanoo in stabilized form. Looks like a giant Samurai warrior. But Itachi has already undo the Edo Tensei. Will he make it in time? Naruto Chapter 590 spoiler is not yet available and might be delayed since Naruto chapter 590 will probably be released 1 week after.


UPDATE: Naruto 590 is now available. And I was right about the title The title was located on the second page ^_^. Chapter 590 is entitled “”The End of Edo Tensei”” “”I Will Always Love You””. You can now start reading Naruto 590 on popular manga sites.

During the previous chapter, the five Kages were shock when they saw Madara’s full power and his perfect Susanoo. Only Hashirama or the Bijuu could defeated this kind of monstrosity. The perfect Susanoo could slice off mountains in a single slash of its sword. Clearly, even with the combined powers of the 5 Kage, they could not defeat Madara and his perfect Susanoo.

It seems that Sasuke’s anger towards Konoha is not resolved. Instead he’s even more determined to destroy Konoha. I guess Itachi is right. Only Naruto can change back Sasuke and remove all the hatred in his heart.

I wonder what did Itachi meant when he said “”I can still make it?”” Well I guess this will be the end of the Edo Tesei, specially Madara. I think Itachi has something left to do before he totally vanish.

Naruto 590 prediction

Itachi saves the day, and Edo Tensei is released. Madara and his insane powers will vanish and the 5 Kage are saved. Tobi retreats for the mean time since he is already in a loosing position. Sasuke might probably continue his plans of destroying Konoha after Naruto has defeated Tobi.

Naruto manga series will be on break this week. Well at least that what is says in the last page of the previous chapter. Naruto 590 might be released sometime next week and Naruto 590 spoiler or raw scans could probably be released a day before the Naruto chapter 590 is released.



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