Naruto Chapter 591 – Risk!

Published on June 27th, 2012

Naruto Chapter 591 is up next. Itachi has successfully stopped the Edo Tensei. And finally Naruto and the Kages are on the winning side. One by one the summoned Edo Tensei are disappearing, and Itachi struggles to tell his final words to Sasuke. Naruto chapter 591 spoiler or raw is not yet available. Usually it’s released one day before the chapter is comes out.


UPDATE: Naruto 591 is now available. This chapter is entitled Risk. Itachi left his feelings with Sasuke. You can read this chapter on popular manga sites.

Madara’s perfect susanoo suddenly starts to disappear, as well as Madara himself. Madara did not seemed to be bothered by the fact that he is disappearing. Meanwhile, Itachi struggles to come closer to Sasuke and tell the truth.

To make it faster, Itachi used his sharingan to relay his memory to Sasuke, and the truth was finally revealed to Sasuke. Before Itachi vanishes from this world, his final words where “”I will love you forever!“”.

Now, who among you cried during the last scene? Or just even break a tear? Huh? ^_^ That was really a heart-touching scene as Itachi says his final words and goodbye. Well honestly, I didn’t. ^_^ But Itachi’s revealing the truth answered most of my questions. I’m not sure what will be the effect of Itachi revealing the truth to Sasuke. Will it lessen Sasuke’s hatred towards Konoha or make it even worst.

Anyway, I’m really excited for Naruto 591 to come out this week. I will post update when Naruto 591 spoiler is available or the Naruto Chapter 591 itself is available. Stay tuned!


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