Naruto Chapter 599: Obito Uchiha (Released)

Published on August 24th, 2012

Naruto chapter 599 could probably the most awaited chapter for all of Naruto fans. We are expecting that this would be an epic chapter, and we will finally know who Tobi really is. Is he really Obito, what have most readers guessed? Or a zetsu clone? Or probably somebody else? Lets find out in Naruto chapter 599.


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 599 is now available. This chapter is entitled Obito Uchiha! Since Kishi featured Obito in this chapter, this could mean that Tobi is really Obito! Find out in this chapter. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites.

Image credit to Kishi, colored by Deviant Artist: Kasukiii

During the last chapter, Naruto continued to attack Tobi, while Guy and Bee acted as support. Kakashi’s role was also important since he is using his Kamui so that Naruto could land a hit on Tobi. Kakashi is at his limit and he could only use his sharingan for a limited shots only.

Fortunately Tobi was too arrogant and underestimated Kakashi’s plan. Naruto used his Kagebunshin to attack Tobi in the alternate space with the help of Kakashi’s last Kamui, while Naruto attacks the other at the same time. Tobi didn’t see this coming. I guess he is not so smart after all.

Naruto was successful in smashing Tobi’s mask into pieces. But most of us were disappointed that Kishi ended the chapter without revealing to us Tobi’s face. We again need to “”patiently”” wait for the next chapter to come out next week!

If Kishi plans to reveal Tobi’ face in the next chapter, then Naruto chapter 599 would be the most awaited and most anticipated chapter. Lets just hope Kishi wouldn’t troll us and shift the story to another scene.

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Naruto chapter 599 is expected to be released on August 28 or 29. Lets just hope they won’t be on a week break again. I’ll update this post once the chapter is released. Stay tuned!


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