The Tech Behind Live Casino Games

It used to be that if you wanted to enjoy the ambience of a casino, as well as indulge in casino gaming, you’d have to make your way to your local casino hall, or fly to another country to enjoy the sights and scenes of a gambling city, like Las Vegas. Then came the internet, and with it, a massive range of different video casino games that you could play whenever you wanted. But, on these digital versions of casino games, you didn’t the glamorous casino vibe so many people cherished, so the industry adapted.

As the internet grew in power and became more capable in every area, streaming rose to the fore, and the online casino industry couldn’t help but make the most of it. Now software providers for Canadian online casinos have perfected the craft, utilising the power of live streaming alongside some other key pieces of technology to enable livestreamed dealer games to be played by anyone, anywhere – even on the slimmest smartphone yet!

Rise of the live casino

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Software providers like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt Live have enhanced the online casino gaming experience by bringing the casino to any computer or device which logs in at the best casino online Canada has to offer. With the standard, classic games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat well-covered in the live dealer sections of online casinos, game creators have also been able to branch out into variants of those games, as well as create live versions of other games, such as live Texas hold’em poker.

But how do they do it? How is it that we can suddenly feel as though we’re at a table at a land-based casino just by clicking a few buttons on our computer or even by tapping a few options on our mobile devices? Revolutionary technological breakthroughs coupled with the ever-growing strength of the internet is the short answer, but we’ll take a look at the two key components that allow for live casino games to be so seamless.

Optical Character Recognition

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Making a live casino interactive – as opposed to simply being a live stream video of a casino game – requires Optical Character Recognition technology. OCR is set up to read the image of the table and understand every single bit of data available, processing it as if it was data in a video game – from the placement of a ball in roulette to the cards dealt in blackjack – the results are sent to players via the video stream. Then the players can place their bets on their computer or device. This is so that the cards that are dealt or the areas in which the ball lands on the roulette wheel can be registered by the OCR, sent to the game’s computer, and then the winners and losers of the round can be determined. It’s all based on the data collected and converted by Optical Character Recognition.

Game Control Unit

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The Optical Character Recognition allows the dealer of the live casino game to go through the motions in a very similar fashion to dealers at a brick and mortar casino. But, the one assisting the live dealer which helps to run the game is the Game Control Unit. Actually a rather small box, in reality, the GCU is crucial to the game and is responsible for encoding the video broadcast so it can be safely transmitted over the internet. Without it, the live game wouldn’t be able to operate in an interactive way.

Of the many wonders that the internet has brought us, one of the biggest revelations in the casino industry has been live gaming from online casinos. With the help of key advancements in technology, such as OCR and GCUs, live casino games can bring players authentic casino entertainment wherever they choose to play.


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